Garmin 530 workout comparison field

I am starting to get used to the 530 with my outside workouts and it has been great, but is there a way to see an expanded view of my whole workout, and not just the zoomed in view of my current interval? It seems like it would be helpful to see the whole workout as displayed when you first load the workout into the Garmin.

Yup…that would the workout comparison field which you can add to your customized screen instead of the default Garmin workout screen.

Yes, I have that set up, but I see it shown as the graph on the right. Is there a way to see it as the graph on the left once the workout has started?

On a recent podcast Jonathan mentioned it was possible, and that you could swipe to it so he has a touchscreen. So for the 530 I suspect its on a menu that should be easily accessible… so I would suggest starting a workout inside your house (no bike, no sensors) and hitting the upper button on right side. Then use up/down to see if its on the list. When done exploring, quit and delete the “workout” without saving.

edit: podcast 264 around 24 minute mark he mentions swiping over and swiping up to access the complete workout. So my money is on hitting the upper right side button and then an option on that list will take you to the entire workout.

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I’ll try that, thanks! Jonathan mentioning it on the podcast is what made me think of it, but just didn’t know if it was possible on the 530.

just did 30 minute warmup outside, before lifting weights. On the 530 you need to:

  • click upper button on ride side
  • scroll down two entries to “Show workout notes”

and then you’ll see both the entire workout and the notes.

Awesome. Thank you!