Outdoor ride [Garmin] training peaks screen

I just relaized (I think) after I push the TR workout to Garmin & follow the workout outside – the outside workout screen I’ve been following is a training peaks feature; the screen with the moving needle (range) of power you are to be in

Can someone confirm that is correct ?

It seems the power on this screen is reading different than when I toggle to another screen & see my 3 sec power average on my Garmin 520 – *Has anyone had this proobelm ?

Any and all thoughts are welcome – cheers

sounds like the default Garmin workout screen.

Check out the recommended setup info:

Thank you, I did so but I find this screen with the needle of power range easier to follow & trying to troubleshoot why this screen power would be different during the ride than on other screens with a 520?

not sure as I’ve got a 530 now and its different (better) than the 520. There has been some recent discussion that TrainerRoad workouts show “Step Average Power” on the moving needle of power screen. This is different versus Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks workouts, which show “3sec Average Power” on the same screen. This is what I see on my 530 while using workouts from Garmin Connect and TrainingPeaks:

Default Workout Comparison

See how the top begins with “3s PWR …” - I believe with TrainerRoad workouts it starts with “Step Average Power”

More info here:

Confusing, but the most help I’ve gotten, sincerely – thank you

The number that you see on the workout screen is your average power for that step. The other power is your 3 second power. So it’s two different things, hence why they are different.

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