TrainerRoad Newbie: Training Plan different when added to Calendar

Hi all,
Please pardon my newbie question, as I just signed up.
I picked the build-phase, sweet spot training plan, and I saw the first workout that are there waiting for me (ramp test, mount field, baxter, etc.). However, if I add this plan to the calendar, the workouts change (ramp test, antelope, etc.). Am I doing something wrong somewhere? Which should I follow?

Ramp Test, Mount Field, Baxter are in the SSB1 LV plan. Not the Build Plan.

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Yup, you are confusing two very different phases.

One is BASE, the other is BUILD.

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My bad, I said build but I actually meant base, specifically the sweetspot plan. Still, when I add it to the calendar, I find workouts differently from those outlined in the plan (according to what you say coming from the build plan). I’m sure I do click on “add it to calendar” from the base sweet spot plan, and not from the build plan. Tech glitch?

Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean

There’s a pinned announcement on the top of the forum. They are changing the training plans. I suspect it has something to do with that. I’ve noticed it too. I just added a plan to my calendar and now when I go to the plans page the workout order/ titles have changed.

Hey there!

I haven’t heard of this issue, however, our Support Agents should be able to look into this specific situation and help sort out anything that may be going wrong on our end :slight_smile: You can reach them at

So sorry for the inconvenience!