Different Versions of Plans

I have read many of the forum topic and I don’t recall seeing anything about this. I was adding sweet spot base I low volume to my calendar. I then did the same for my wife. I noticed that our plans were different. I would have thought they might change with AT as we went through the plans, but was expecting them to be the same to start.

Also, for the v1 plan, it seems unusual to me that the second (Isaak Walton -2) long Saturday ride has a shorter endurance time length (15 rather than 20 minutes) that the first week (Mono), and has similar IF/TSS. I realize there is a bit more of a warmup interval, but go to a shorter tempo length seems unusual.

Did you have the same levels when you added the plans?

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The second plan is generally a higher level workout but still following the same pattern. All to do with the initial PL levels I think.

We both actually have exactly the same starting PL levels, including Vo2. I know the relative levels are way off since I have really only done VO2 outdoor rides using TR, and a few minor short other rides indoors using TR months ago. The plans were different before even adding to the calendar. It is strange that they ramp up differently (wife’s is harder, so that is good for me!) given having the same starting point.

Just thinking as I type this, might be because I put in some events when using plan builder on my account when playing around, even though I am not using plan builder just going to add a base.

I guess I just need to have faith in the AI and TR, which I do.


Sorry, one more note. The plan turned out different when I actually added it to my calendar, but still different than my wife’s.

I would check in with the support team (support@trainerroad.com) so they can look into both of your profiles and Progression Levels, it would be super surprising for them to be exactly the same, and may be a display issue/bug that’s not displaying slight differences in your PLs that do exist.
Slight differences in Progression Levels could manifest as differences in the plans, which get more and more significant the farther out they go. The first two weeks being super similar isn’t surprising if your levels are fairly similar, but if the levels are even slightly different, divergeing more significantly in later weeks isn’t surprising.
Additionally, the likelihood of workouts changing through Adaptations as you progress through your plan are super high, so don’t get too invested in what your workouts look like now. :wink:

Thanks Ivy, yes some progressions have already happened. They were not that different, I was just surprised they were not exactly the same before selecting to add to calendar. I will not get too invested :slight_smile: