TrainerRoad kit in Zwift?

Just checking if there is one available. :slight_smile:

Asking for a mate :wink: :wink:




Nothing right now. We discussed it a while back, but nothing I know of in motion.

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There is Training Peaks kit also.

You can do it! :smiley:


I’d like to have one :slight_smile:


Me too

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+1, I ride in my RCC kit now but most of my time in Zwift is whilst I’m doing TrainerRoad workouts.

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+1. I do all my TR workouts while cruising around Zwift.


How do you do both?

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You can find tutorials on YouTube. I connect TrainerRoad to my Kickr/Tickr over bluetooth to my iPhone, iPad, MacBook or Apple TV. Then I use a Cable Ant+ to bluetooth converter to send signals from my Kickr/Tickr to Zwift, also on one of these devices. Make sure Zwift is not set to control the Kickr!

Some preferred setups:

  • TR on my iPad sitting right in front of me on a Wahoo desk. Zwift on a Apple TV in the background
  • TR and Zwift both running on my MacBook, with TR minimized. Optionally send the MacBook’s display to the Apple TV. This is cool because the TR text overlays Zwift so no chance of missing anything. But the display on the TV doesn’t look as nice as the first approach.

There are other ways to do it, e.g., with a Ant+ dongle instead of the Cable.

If you want the workout display thing in front of you on Zwift, do one of Zwift’s free ride workouts while you’re actually under TR’s control.


It really depends what hardware you have available. The minimum is the ability to connect to your trainer using Bluetooth and Ant+. I have a kickr so will use that in my example.
For ease of setup I try and use just one device, a MacBook that has Bluetooth and my Garmin Ant+ usb dongle - I use this on an extension cable to get it closer to my kickr. I do have an Apple TV, but it’s an old one so doesn’t have the ability to install apps but I can use it to mirror my screen to but this I find causes performance issues for the MacBook and eventually Zwift becomes really sluggish (although it does keep recording). I tend to just use the tb screen and Apple TV to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime or Red Bull TV for example.
On my MacBook I start up TrainerRoad and make sure my three devices are connected, kickr, cadence and hr. I usually always use the Ant+ connection but wondering if I’d get better trainer control in erg mode using Bluetooth? Short 5 second bursts in workouts just don’t work for me and I might try Bluetooth as a comparison.
Once my workout is loaded in TrainerRoad I then set it to minimised and open Zwift. This should find the same 3 items using Bluetooth. I have to make sure the kickr is only connected as a power source and not also as ‘controllable’. This is the bottom right option in the Zwift device confit screen. I then pick my Zwift course and start pedalling.
When you finish workout, if saving to something like Strava you need to decide which workout you want to sync. I always try and let TrainerRoad sync before I select save on the Zwift workout and very rarely get duplicates, you may wish to save the other way round which means you need to be quick off the mark with Zwift as TrainerRoad ends your workout and auto saves.
Let me know if I can help with any questions however I only have Zwift for another 5 days as it’s price has risen and unlike TrainerRoad existing members were only grandfathered into old prices for 12 months.

@ackvor I would get burnt out just doing TR workouts on with the iOS app, so I’ve built all the workouts in Training Peaks (no way to sync TR workouts in Training Peaks that I know of)… and Zwift pulls your Peaks custom workout scheduled for that day. So I get a little more distraction w/ Zwift with the benefits of the TR plans

Edit: using AppleTV, which is why I can’t run both simultaneously

There are lots of ways to set up. You don’t necessary need Bluetooth. I use two ANT+ dongles, find this easier as Trainerroad will take one and Zwift the other. When I had Bluetooth dongle and a single ant+ dongle, I would find Zwift would grab both, and I think Trainerroad did same. Obviously this was dependant on which app you fired up first.

Found the ANT+ two dongle approach easiest as each app only wants one ANT+ dongle. Never have to mess with them anymore. I paired TR to the Hammer, Quarq and Garmin cadence/HR and Zwift to Quarq and Garmin cadence/HR . I unpair the smart trainer from Zwift when it tries to pair…else you get all sorts of fun and games as Zwift and TR try to control the trainer! Happens every so often, just a case of glancing and unpairing if its grabbed it.! and then do the free ride.

I’m sure if you search in this forum you’ll find information on setting it up. Its all down to what hardware you have and what works best for you.

Yup, 2 x ANT+ USB dongles works for me when running both Zwift and TR on my laptop.


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using Zwift while doing TR is the only way i got to level 25! :grinning:


Yeah i’d give up my SlowTwitch kit for TR kit. It would giveaway why I was able to beat everyone though :grinning:

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Thanks for the suggestion! I added Trainer Road after my name in Zwift!

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I run both at the same time. TR on an old laptop with an ANT+ dongle and Zwift on Apple TV and iPhone running companion app.

For those using both TrainerRoad and Zwift, we’ve setup a TR team. Details are in the thread below. For kit, we’re using Basic 5 with solid red socks. For those that completed the Seven Days of SL7 events, the Specialized kit is a good alternative (mostly as a nod to the podcasters that seem to love their Venges).

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