TrainerRoad Team on Zwift

Welcome to the TrainerRoad team for Zwift! We’re a community of athletes that use TrainerRoad’s science-based planning, training, and analysis tools to increase our cycling performance.

The TrainerRoad team on Zwift was started in August 2020 when most racing events were cancelled due to the world-wide Coronavirus pandemic. Zwift offers a wide variety of virtual worlds, routes, rides and races to put all of our training to the test.

To Join the TR Team:

  • Please submit your request via the ZwiftPower site and post your TrainerRoad and Zwift usernames here in this forum thread. We’d appreciate you adding “(TR)” to your Zwift name, too.
    • Ex: Chad McNeese (TR)

TR Kit in Zwift:

Chat Options:

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[Original message below, so we can have the official team info at the top.]

Presume this isn’t an official thing??? :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I saw that guy the other day! We had three TR people doing workouts up the Epic KOM, it was amazing. I was doing Townsend -1 so I waved at them as they flew past me :laughing:


Not official. I do a similar thing with a (TR) at the end of my name, but its purely for fun.

We have loosely mentioned forming a Zwift based team with TR members in the past, but not done anything about it to this point.

If that ever happens, we’d possibly have to ask for permission if we wanted to use “TrainerRoad” naming. Or just pick something else entirely different.


I’m in!

We’d all win :wink:

I doubt it…too many cheaters on zwift.


Meh, racing for fun it still fun. Bad data (intentional or accidental) does happen, but doesn’t kill the potential for pushing yourself and getting a great workout.

You just have to recognize it’s a game with associated flaws, and take the best from it.


I have to admit I was a long time skeptic of Zwift. I had TR, it did everything I needed, so what else could I possibly need for training?

Then Covid came along, we were required to stay indoors, and Zwift has a free trial, so why not give it a try? I have some friends who love it, so maybe it would provide some extra motivation to keep training if nothing else.

Five months in and I’m hooked. After I spent some time just messing around with it, I started knocking out the route badges across all the worlds (that’s still ongoing; some of them are really hard/long!), jumped into the Tour for All group rides, and actually just did my first race last week. I entered as a ‘C’ based on my ZwiftPower category and was promptly DQ’ed and bumped up to the ‘B’ category! Oops. My B race last night went about as well as can be expected. Got dropped by the lead group but worked with the chase group and finished ok for my second race overall and first as a B.

Anyway, point being, Zwift racing is not the same thing as IRL racing, but it’s fun and challenging in its own right and the platform as a whole has a lot of value in other ways. I think having a TR team would just be another way to stay motivated to train, ride, race, whatever it is you’re after.


I primarily do the group rides on zwift midweek, usually the 2.0 to 2.5 wkg ones. I like to try and stay in the lead group which usually requires an hour of 3.5 to 4.0+ wkg effort but it always seems like 2 guys go off the front and sustain 6 wkg+ for the entire hour. There is no zwiftpower checking these guys efforts.

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Sure, flyers happen. Let them go and just focus on your own ride. A properly lead group will have the Beacon holder call them back, then if they continue to push, tell the others close by to hold the stated pace and let them go. Easy.

Sucks that people come to a group ride and proceed to try and blow it up (on purpose or by accident if they don’t understand the group aspect). But the same crap happens IRL too.

There are some amazing groups and leaders. Find them and enjoy the best there is to experience.

The Fence is also back into operation, so we will see if they can use that to keep groups in better shape with a bit less cracking of the whip.


I wonder if that’s because it’s a group ride rather than a race? I’m not sure. I’ve put out some pretty good watts on group rides (Tour for All, for ex.) and not been DQ’ed or otherwise flagged. But, like I said, I got called out on my very first race (rightly so, too).

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I definitely think it has its place alongside TR. Should TR embrace it and provide an e-racing plan is a completely different question but could set them apart. Train on this platform, race \ socialise on the other (just throwing it out there for discussion :wink: )

I like zwift as I need that visual stimulus, and racing certainly can help as a change of environment for some efforts on TR…

Last night I did the World TTT and it was 36mins @ 92% of FTP - Perfect sweetspot effort in a slightly different ‘real world format’. In future I can swap that into a weeks workout instead of a long set of intervals etc

I find if you look at zwift racing more like a hard workout than something with a win\lose at the end you can use it accordingly to compliment your TR plans.


They re-released the fence today in the latest update, so this might get curbed a little.


When I started on Zwift at the start of lockdown I had TrainerRoad, and then TR after my name. Never saw anyone else so removed it!

I have to say I’m a convert to zwift now. Train using TrainerRoad controlling my Hammer, and do my “outdoor” spin if I can’t get out on Zwift (plus a few events over the months). Rather than an eRacing plan, really wish I could just send my workouts to Zwift like Training Peaks seem to be able to do. Even though I prefer the training interface of TR, it’s a pain early in the morning to pair/ calibrate everything in the right order.


@Macy, I also use Zwift for the “entertainment” value but still have TR control the trainer. For me, I load Zwift first on my laptop and pair everything to it using Ant+. I then load TR and pair using BLE, which is the more reliable connection protocol in my “pain cave” (i.e. storage closet).

I’ve had only a very small number of issues in 10 months of doing it this way, including a dead Ant+ dongle for the laptop and one time with TR didn’t load. In that latter case I simply ran TR from my phone.


Same here. Ant+ dropouts happen but I’ve noticed they occur a lot less since I started using an extension cable to get the dongle closer to my trainer.


I do the same!

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Ah yeah, I have it working, but it’s still added messing at stupid o’clock in the morning!

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A Trainer Road team on Zwift would be great. Maybe my Avatar would look less crazy surging all over Watopia during my TR intervals if I had TR in my name.

Can’t imagine what the other riders are thinking when I’m doing Spanish Needle.


Thats one reason I started adding it in my name, as a flag to help explain my odd behavior. :stuck_out_tongue: