Following the Full distance Triathlon Plan

I have been following the Triathlon Full-Distance, High Volume plan for almost 9 weeks now, and am seeing tangible improvements in all three disciplines. I am somewhat new to endurance sports (second season this year) and figured that a lot of my improvement is somewhat attributable to being a novice and the shear volume of the plan (I did choose the high volume plan based upon the TSS I was carrying for the previous two months, and I have handled the volume pretty well so far).

I was wondering if anyone has actually followed the TR full distance plan all the way to race day? There are so many posts that go into deep detail about how people change it, adapt it with tower 26, ect. I find the plan easy to follow and well written. Would love to hear some results from people who followed it with >85% compliance in all three disciplines and changed as little as possible.

Have you seen this thread? (Granted, not about a full) I followed a TrainerRoad Triathlon plan without changing a single workout. My race experience. (long post warning)

I’m using TR for my first full (not high volume though) and intend to use it as written. I did this with the half Ironman plans and had good results.

Hey thanks for pointing that post out,
I saw that post in the past, but was a bit bummed out that not too many other people posted about following the plan “to the T” other than the original poster. Maybe there just aren’t that many people that have followed for the swim and the run.