Is there a way to incorporate a workout like Petit into zwift and still log the workout?

Just looking to spice things up on boring rides like Petit and I’ve been wanting to try zwift so was wondering if I could knock the 2 birds with 1 stone. I’m not sure how zwift works if there are any free rides that aren’t programmed but would it be possible to run both apps at the same time? The only issue I see is the bluetooth connection - the trainer only wanting to connect to 1 app at a time.

yep, doable:

should get you sorted :slight_smile:


And to put it in context, I run Zwift in tandem on every ride, not just petit. If you are truly looking for the workout to be run using Zwifts workout engine, that may be possible with the upcoming workout editor, not sure, but for now, trainer road still controls the workout, zwift just provides the eye candy.

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