Proper TrainerRoad and Zwift integration [Feature Request]

Yes, i know this question has been discussed a number of times, but @Nate_Pearson it would be AWESOME if i could do my TR workouts properly while riding passively in Zwift.

I can do this with Training Peaks. Go in to Zwift, load the TP workout and BOOM! Happy days.

Come on PLEASE @Nate_Pearson
I often load up Zwift and ride for the gamification and the scenery to take my mind off the suffering that i am going through on the workout.

I have done the ANT+ & Bluetooth dance. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Most times the two fight with each other and confuse my Kickr completely. I’ve tried 2 ANT+ devices. I’ve tried Zwift on ANT+ and TR on Bluetooth. I’ve tried them the other way around.

There should be no reason why we can’t do this. Please work on this integration!!!
They’re just nice simple zwo files. Basic xml. You can keep your proprietary TR data in TR, that’s fine, but please enable proper integration with Zwift.


I don’t understand. I do TR and Z together for every indoor ride I do with the exception of Z races. Turn bluetooth off on computer, plug in ant+ stick. Start Zwift and leave controllable trainer blank. Choose a course and hit the ride button. Open TR on phone. Connect everything ( trainer, pm, HRM, etc) via bluetooth. Start riding, enjoy the scenery and XP.

What issues are you having? Can you list so we can diagnose? The only reason TR and Z would fight over the trainer is if you have them both connected, which you shouldn’t.


I have sympathy for that, I‘d use it too, if the integration existed. Maybe one day…

In the meantime I‘m sure you have looked at this thread (I know this is not your point with this post):

You can disable Bluetooh in the TR-App. So when you launch TR first, it will grab the ANT+ Device, then you can launch big Z and all what is left is the BT device (uncheck the „controllable“). And, if you’re data-crazy like me, then also start your garmin and connect to ANT+ too… Works rather reliable for me.


Very reliable running TR with Zwift for me too. Also rgt and fullgaz as the principle is the same.

There shouldn’t be any fighting over control of the kickr as @ccftri says :+1:


Zwift via bluetooth on Apple TV, turn off controllable trainer
TR via ANT+ on iPad controlling trainer, Kickr Core

Works perfectly every time.


For longer TR workouts, my setup as follows:
Run TR on phone controlling Saris H3 turbo using Bluetooth
Zwift or Rouvy on PC using ANT+ power meter connection (dongle)
Loud trance from YouTube in background


Depending on what Kickr you have you could add all devices via Bluetooth. Works like a charm. Though not what you are after I guess.

It would be incredible to have TrainerRoad plans integrated into Zwift and accessible in the way you see the ‘flexible’ plans native to Zwift now, as well as constantly changing and updating with the new ML algo. Two way sync of course also.

From a business perspective it would be… brave.

Not sure either party is ready to make that leap, there will be a lot of anxiety and perceived roadblocks on a partnership like this.

Zwift used to have worrying leverage here from the user loss perspective. (Zwift is simply more fun as well as having plans which are sufficient for many users - I know competitive athletes who only train on Zwift). I think that’s changing now though with the Adaptive Training, and that not only puts TR back on top, but also opens up the pathway for them to export their virtual coach to other platforms, including Zwift.

Why stop at offering this to simply TR users when you can get sell it as a branded service too elsewhere.

Perhaps forming an exclusive partnership with Zwift offering virtual coaching can edge out SUF who may eye up something similar if their numbers start to wane (I feel SUF is the most vulnerable, luckily Wahoo has taken over ensuring longevity for as long as Wahoo wishes, but they can’t ensure retention).


Agree it would be … brave! For me the user experience could not be further apart and I doubt this is remotely on TR’s roadmap as the two businesses (in their curent forms) appear completely incompatible.

TR have a very reliable platform, the UI is excellent, they are extremely responsive to feedback, products are constantly upgrading / refining (almost always for the better) and their customer support is outstanding.

Zwift have an utterly shocking user experience with constant platform bugs, a UI from 20 years ago they are unable to upgrade, endless connectivity issues across all platforms, any attempt to dress it up as more than a game fails (racing is a farce, power data is a random number generator when it exists at all, winner doesn’t cross the line first etc), customer support is non-existent and so the majority of upgrades are to bring out a new pair of virtual socks.

By now I don’t expect anything more from Zwift than what it is - plenty of good intentions but ultimately an amateur effort. TR set their bar far higher.


I’m curious, how do you use ANT+ with an iPad? I only know of a very old 30-Pin ANT±Dongle, do you use that?


Wahoo Ant+ dongle, black rectangle
Genuine Apple lightening to 30 pin (I think!), don’t use an eBay rip off, won’t work

Forgot to add: disable Bluetooth on iPad, iPad controls trainer via Ant+, genuinely works every time

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Do both at the same time. Easy for me using my iphone via TR app and then use apple tv foe Zwift. Quick, easy and really no fuss.

I understand your question though and never see it happening for a bunch of reasons.

I do both all the time using two ANT+ dongles, key as is said above is not to let Zwift pair to a controllable trainer. Article I’ve written is here - Running Zwift and TrainerRoad Together - Zwift Insider

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I think this is unlikely to happen. My limited understanding of this integration with training peaks for zwift essentially would import the ride into training peaks as an “outside” ride where intervals are laps. Trainerroad has a great deal of secret sauce in the app that is monitoring your performance beyond just the gpx file that is shared between vendors. It would likely make any of the new AI and other features work like they do with outdoor rides, which right now is not supported and would essentially turn TR into just a workout library, which doesn’t seem like what they are looking to be. Not to mention, there is a reasonable work around that many use quite well that has already been listed here.

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I wouldn’t call it integrated, but it works well enough for me:

TR on the Ipad, power and cadence from my Stages PM.
Zwift on Apple TV, power and cadence from my Kinetic dumb trainer, and HR from 4iiii HRM.

The power readings vary a little, the Kinetic tends to run a little below the Stages but it’s not enough to worry about.


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my Solution with a Kickr core since it has dual Bluetooth connection is TR on the iPhone and Zwift on the iPad. Disable controllable on zwift. Done. works 100% of the time with a TR image on my zwift workout as bonus.

I can see how if you dont have multiple devices in your setup how some of the methods described in Using TR and Zwift Concurrently might be tricky.

Will pass this along to the team for consideration. :v:


I use a Macbook Air with a cheap old usb-ANT+ dongle that came with an old Garmin watch.

  • Have TR connect via Bluetooth
  • Have Zwift connect via Ant+ (but disable control of the trainer on Zwift)
  • Coach Chad at my side while in Watopia

For me the easiest and most reliable way of doing my TR workouts while also riding in Zwift was to get a CABLE: CABLEINFO - CABLE - Connect ANT+ to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Especially since I run everything on iOS and TV.

What is battery life like?