Trainerroad and the Cape Epic

Hello Trainerroad team!

I’m based in the USA and have been a TR customer for 3 years now. My wife is South African and I just bought tickets to see the in-laws but also to catch the action during the last weekend of the Epic (Oct 23-24). I’ve watched every TR podcast and, by now, seeing your faces on You Tube triggers a response not too dissimilar to seeing friends or family members. Is that weird?

With this thought in mind, I wonder if you are planning any meet-n-greet kind of presence at the Epic. Will there be some sort of TR tent where I could stop by, shake some hands and thank you in person for the awesome product you have created and are clearly still improving? I imagine some of you will be a bit tired by the end of Stage 7 (trying to keep up with Jonathan and Brendon), but I’m just throwing it out there that there will be people looking to say hi at an appropriate time.

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