Cape Epic Team Preview! – Ask a Cycling Coach 328

Cape Epic is finally here! Tune is as we get to know each team, what their preparation has been like, how they plan to execute and more. Nate and Sofía are back, Sean will be guest hosting for the first time, and you’ll get to meet two of our employees who you likely haven’t yet met, Rob and Rossouw!

Tune in, bring your questions, and feel free to heckle in the live chat. This one is going to be fun :slight_smile:

Youtube Live Video:

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I’m looking forward to this one! Go get it guys!



Hope you cover bike setups, gear and nutrition strategies for Cape Epic.


That will be cool, but I wonder more about the mental aspect of such a large event. That, and the dynamics between two people experiencing that strain together.

Do they have plans on how to handle those moments when they are misaligned or struggling with different aspects?

I think the team element of this may be more of interest to me than the usual training and equipment angles. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m excited everyone is excited or not excited.


Team @Nate_Pearson


Looking forward to all the Cape Epic content.


Good luck guys; don’t forget to take in the views too - it really is a beautiful part of the world to ride a bike. They’ve had the best rains in recent years, so should be plenty of green this time of year compared to the normal March event date.

For those wondering why you can’t see the route on their website, it’s all private land. Riders are not even allowed to share their GPX routes. Below is a Western Cape showing the area they will be riding in. Small circle is the prologue, then Ceres, Sarens/Tulbach, Wellington and Paarl (Val di Vie Estate for the finish) being the major “hubs” for their start finish.


Are you guys using plan builder for preparation?


I’m a lifelong baseball fan and more excited about this than the World Series this year. Or any other sporting event lol what a time to be alive

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Can you bring me back some biltong? I love that stuff!


I am so looking forward to seeing the updates. Good luck to all the Trainerroad staff taking part. Stay safe. May the power be with you.

So sorry to hear Chad isn’t going to make it. I had a similar problem trying to train hard and irritating my knee then needing a week off while ramping up to the Oregon Outback. Fortunately for me I was able to complete the event…but it was 5 days vs. 8, I definitely could not have done another day (barely could walk due to knee pain).

I’ve got some similarities with Chad…53, racing for over 30 years, used to have a good ftp. I’m not married to a veterinarian but I am a veterinarian. We both like beer and have less hair than we used to have. Anyway…I was looking forward to seeing him ride the cape epic.

I guess the only consolation prize is that I can devote my full attention to Nate. I think making the finish line will be a tremendous accomplishment for him but I’m worried he’s going to dig too deep trying to keep up with Sofia on the climbs and detonate on day 4 or 5.



I love the contrast between Nate’s analytical full-speed-ahead mind and Sofia’s calm, philosophical, deep knowing Jedi mind.

Psyched for all them.


I have nothing with MTB but this was really fun to listen to. Good luck and looking fwd for more

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Listening to the audio only had me like:



I like the new guy. He was very good, like he’s been doing it for years.