TR ride and thumbnail to Strava competing with Zwift

I’m running TR and Zwift together at the moment with fewer rides outside.

Trying various methods but whatever I do the Zwift ride uploads to Strava with the Zwift image. Not the TR ride or thumbnail.

I don’t even end the Zwift ride until the TR ride has synced. Very odd.

I have to download fit file from TR, delete Zwift ride on Strava and upload the TR file. (And delete duplicate rides in Garmin and TP.)

If there’s no workaround is there anyway to get TR thumbnail that usually gets uploaded to Strava?


Just turn off the sync to Strava on Zwift, but keep the TR one enabled.

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Thanks but I’m trying to avoid doing that. Since I do some races on Zwift that I do want to sync.

For that scenario, I would just download the file after the race and upload to Zwift manually. It works just fine in that case.

Otherwise, I’ve found that if you wait 5 minutes after the TR ride fully syncs, then Strava will ignore a dupe.

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Just wait until strava has actually synced the TR workout. I usually will go have my recovery drink and shower then end the Zwift ride


yeah, this works for me as you would like it to. I usually wait until i see the notification on my phone from strava that my TR ride is ready before hitting save on the Zwift app.

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Right thank you will try leaving it a little longer before ending Zwift ride - makes sense.

I’m also running Zwift and TR simultaneously. I setup a separate Strava account just for my TR rides. I have Zwift post to my “main” Strava account and then manually copy the TR image from the “TR only” Strava account and upload it to my “main” account and set it as the default image. (TR deserves the credit for the workout,).

Once you friend the “TR only” Strava account it shows in your “main” Strava feed. The copy / upload takes less than a minute and you don’t have to log into the “TR only” Strava account.

I suspect the problem of trying to use one Strava account has to do with how they try to eliminate duplicate events based on start times, and how long it takes Zwift to post an image to Strava. I always wait to upload the TR image until after Zwift’s has posted to the “main” Strava account, otherwise it gets wiped out.

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