Trainer Road works for me

Started Low Volume Sweat Spot Base on 3rd October after 4 weeks of no training.

I’m 44 Years old, currently Weigh in at 83kg and add 1 to 2 extra endurance rides per week with no outdoor rides. All tests conducted in aero position on TT Bike

03/10 Start LVSS Base FTP 244

06/10 re took ramp test as felt I could have pushed more. FTP 254

11/11 Start LVSS Base phase 2. FTP 259

23/12 Start LV SP Build phase FTP 274 at 83kg giving me 3.3W/kg

Very happy with the results and progress and I’m starting to feel reaching 4W per Kg by next summer could be close to achievable. I’m a very happy TR customer