A sign TrainerRoad is working?

I’m 4 weeks in to mid base 1 and I’ve noticed that my short term recovery time whilst riding has dramatically improved. I.e during long rides if I starting to feel fatigued I only have to back off a bit then feel fresh again. Has anyone else had this experience? Feels good that the training is paying off already

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Heart rate is lower to sustain same power, rides outside with a group seem much easier to keep up and lastly for me improved motivation

Keep it up dude :+1: You’re putting in the hard work and it’s an awesome feeling when you get to enjoy it.

The repeatability of hard efforts is where I noticed it most. Before TR, I would punch over my threshold and explode because I had only really ever trained for long threshold and sweetspot intervals. So while I didn’t see big improvements in my FTP, I did notice other physical adaptations that were desirable.

For me it was the first group ride I did after sticking to indoors for three months. It felt so sustainable that after we did the 80k I was asking if anyone wanted to go on for 100. They were all knackered and called it quits for the day where as I felt so fresh and keen to keep going.

Was very pleased that the hard work had paid off more than I thought it would

For me I beat my best 40k time by 5min and had a speed of 2+ mph average faster on my latest gran fondo.