Successes- share your stories

I’d like to share a success I had this year that has left me pretty stoked, and I have Trainer Road to thank for it. I bought a smart trainer about a year ago. Promptly chose TR as my platform, took a FTP test and started training. Even after a season of racing local C category crit races (even one win), and half a dozen cross races, I only tested at a 195 or so FTP and about 165 lbs. I was surprised by this.
I then trained for 4 months, and ended up vastly improving my FTP to around 245. Then, I threw out my back and spent the next 3-4 months rehabbing and riding occasionally. I effectively missed the bulk of crit season here in Utah. I was able to get healthy, and train for a cyclocross season where my passion really is.
I went into cyclocross season with a watt/kilo of about 3.5 and finally got a good season under my belt! The previous few years I had tragedy strike me in the form of my wife overcoming breast cancer, my parents unexpectedly and tragically passing away, and oh we had a new baby daughter come into our lives. No stress in my life at all… Somehow TR felt like a security blanket- three days a week- ride out the stress.
Anyway, over this past year of training with Trainer road, I can say I improved my overall fitness a ton, dropped my weight from 165 to 157, improved my ftp and wt/kg by 75%, ended up third overall in points in the masters 35+B flight, and had 3 podiums! I owe my success to Trainer Road and their structured training plans as well as some last minute form/ training ride selection help from the help desk. I feel as if most big picture things I’ve been working on in the last 3 years have been derailed and I haven’t’ been able to see my hard work through to fruition. This cyclocross season, and the success I’ve seen has really felt great and I couldn’t have done it without Trainer Road. Thanks Guys!

Anyone had similar long term success/gains this past year?


Congrats - and you deserve a lot of credit for grit and sticking with it.


You should congratulate yourself first, that’s huge. I also want to congratulate you. No success story to share, yet, but I’ll be back when that happens.

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There must be more?

For me it is going to be fascinating to see what happens this season as I’m new to TR (2 months). So for now the jury is still out. For sure the quality and quantity of intervals has improved. I understand my weaknesses and using TR to improve those has already been noticeable. But, the real proof (for me) will be when proper racing gets under way. With any luck I’ll check back and report in with some good news on the results front.

I can positively say that the TR platform as a whole has been a great learning resource for me which I consider a success.


I’m newer to TR (July 2018) and started mid XC race season. So I had to balance training and racing but my first FTP Ramp Test result was 193 (42 yrs, 6’1”, 175). I had a grade 3 AC shoulder separation on the last race of the season (Sept 29th) so that was 3 weeks off the bike. I’m now finishing up Traditional Base 3 and my FTP test 3 weeks ago was 265 (weight 173 lbs).

I’ll be moving onto Build - SSB 1 & 2 - Build - Specialty leading into XC race season and my “A” event in September (MTB 100). So, my numbers look great but success (podiums and wins :crossed_fingers:) is TBD.

I’ve only started using trainer road this year. Starting week 3 SSB2LV tomorrow. In November 17 I snapped my quads tendon and was out of action for 6 months (4 months on crutches). Yesterday I rode for 50km for the first time in well over a year. It’s small steps…

Perhaps not a success per-se but, validation of the process. Last night I did a crit practice on the gravel bike after a morning TR session and ended up pushing the PD curve to the right a bit just past the 1 hour mark. Pretty crazy as the 1st 15 minutes were sort of warm up laps.

It’s funny what we learn by accident. I run Gravel King 38c tires on the bike and had them at 35psi. I was working hard. I knew it but, I didn’t realize I was pushing that consistent of power for that duration as I was focusing on wheels etc…

So maybe more group rides with the gravel bike from time to time would be good for me. Time will tell…

I started dabbling with TR early Nov 2018 doing ssb 1 and 2 and hit it seriously end of Dec to Complete a full base build speciality mid dist tri plan I have 3 ‘A’ races this year and have moved up age groups (35 to 39) my crazy plan is to try and podium in 3 different distances at British National championships (sprint standard middle) I usually do OK occasionally making back end of ag podium my first race was Leeds standard where I came first in my age group and 3rd age grouper overall by far the best performance I’ve had racing by a long shot standard has been my favored distance , a week later I took part in the draft legal sprint championships which had been changed to a duathlon where I came second in ag, I did very little in the way of preparing for the intensity of a sprint and just carried my overall fitness from my mid dist plan in, from here I have 9 weeks before my 3rd major race of 2019 which is a middle distance race I took the first week (after the 2 races) as a recovery week and I’m now 3 weeks into my second round of mid dist specialty phase(8 weeks in total) I follow the cycling workouts but add my own swim and run workouts my cycling is probably my weekest of the 3 disaplines but my no means no slouch I just happen to have a good swim/run on me, compared to previous years my ftp is only around 6w higher but I’m a much better cyclist now I can hold my position better climb better I just feel so much stronger on the bike and my run off the back of it has really put me where I want to be but it wouldn’t be possible without the bike, my take away from it is it isn’t always about the power gains but the interval structure has made me a much better cyclist as a whole, thanks TR… I should add that previously my training would of consisted of 2x20s 5x5s and a ride out and back to do a weekly 10, I’d imagine the TR structure has allowed me to improve the other sides of my sport

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Started riding a bike 2 season ago (August of 2017) to get out and explore and get fit. Trained my first winter on zwift, started with an ftp of 140w, 191 cm, and 210lbs/95.2kg. From my first couple rides outside, and in, I was hooked. Rode close to 120 hours on zwift over that first winter and got my ftp up to 239w, and dropped down to around 170lbs/77kg and started riding with my local group. Did some longer rides than I ever thought possible, and went up hills I never thought possible.

End of that year I decided to switch from zwift and move to TR as I liked their mindset and training plan setup and got after it this winter. Started at 248w, did SSBLV with lots of skiing, moved to the Sustained Power MV, and now bouncing around specialty plans as my season goals change.

As it stands I’m at 292w, 161lbs/73.4kg for :drum: 3.987w/kg!!! and prepping for the Mt. Washington Hill Climb, something I would have never dreamed of even thinking about doing back when I started. Excited to see what’s next, but between the training plans, podcast, the cycling community, I feel like I can go do anything (on a bike).


Started trainer road at the start of the year. Started at 220 FTP and went up to 260 which is a 4 w/kg in my case, I had a small knee injury, my turbo trainer broke and I had a tough time switching from inside to outside.

Yesterday was my AAAA race with a hilly course of 75 km. It was the biggest rain I’ve ever experienced. The race was shortened due a bad weather to 55 km.
A very tough day with an IF of 0.99 and a time of 1:37:40, so I gave it all out. I did not feel great thought. I tried to break from a mini peloton, but they were chasing hard so nothing end up sticking. At the end, I finished third in my age group which is a first podium for me this year. Even though not many racers did show up due a bad weather and many dnf, I am still proud of my results and I am eager to train even more.



Was a bit disappointed that I only went from 268 to 290w doing SSB 1&2 and 5 weeks of Build, but when I actually got outside was blown away by overall results. Endurance is way up, power is way up, average speeds are way up, and I’m able to hang with the fast group at the local amateur crit type ride. Am able to knock out big rides back to back at speeds I never thought were possible.

Thanks TR!


OK, this isn’t huge compared to some of the awesome stories in this tread, but I’m pretty happy about it!

Six weeks ago I started Sweet Spot Base 1, mid volume.

On day one, ramp test:
Weight: 96.2kg (212 lbs)
FTP: 207
W/kg: 2.15

Weight: 94.8kg (209 lbs)
FTP: 221 (7% increase!)
W/kg: 2.33

This puts me in the club of having a weight in lbs lower than my FTP for the first time in many years! High Five to everyone who has accomplished this! @Nate_Pearson

I’m surprised that sweet spot rides have increased my FTP this much. Definitely wasn’t expecting that. Can’t wait to see what the higher intensity intervals will do!!

Keep up the hard work and inspirational accomplishments everyone!

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