My first 6 weeks on TrainerRoad

I’m a 44 year old male, I use to race in A grade races in my early 20’s, gave it up because of work and time commitments wouldn’t allow me to do as much training as I would have liked.

20 plus years later I was 30 KG overweight and likely heading towards loads of health problems, nothing diagnosed but it was a concern of mine. So I decided to do something about it. Cut out all the bad stuff, kept calorie intake under control and ended up loosing 30KG.

July of this year I got an old road bike working and decided to get fit by doing about 45 mins on the old indoor trainer. I eventually got a Garmin which came with Training Peaks trial so I used that to do a free Garmin 5 week program of 1 to 2 hour rides focused on building up my base fitness. This got me hooked on my stats and I wanted to see how fit I could get, came across the TrainerRoad YouTube videos and found them awesome, full of great tips and these helped me get enthusiastic about my goals and so I signed up for TrainerRoad and here I am. I’ve just finished the first 6 weeks of Sweet Spot Base HV1, and started on a proper plan thanks to the new Plan Builder. I’ve also joined the local Masters Cycle Club but due to some bad timing on my behalf I can’t do any races until the new year where the first race back happens to be a 2 day tour.

This morning I did my second Ramp Test and went I from 200 FTP to 221 FTP (2.6w/kg to 2.87w/kg). Looking forward to seeing what the new training plan helps me achieve. :slight_smile:

Thanks to the folks at TrainerRoad for a great product that’s pretty easy to use and for the YouTube videos, really easy clips to watch/listen to with good advice that’s helped me thus far.


I also just did my second ramp test this morning after completing my first six weeks of TR(ssbhv). My FTP went from 253 to 268. Im quite sure ive never been stronger than i am now at the age of 37. I really feel like TR is a great product made by awesome people.