I must say thank you, TrainerRoad

3 month ago I was a dismal state. After a summer of easy low volume riding and a 6 weeks recovery from a surgery. I started training on a smart trainer. I started on Zwift. I started the buil me up plan. Tested my FTP 121 watts. Did the plan diligently and added one race a week. Everything went well. Week after week my FTP grew. 121-132-141-151 derived from races.

Until one day after 5 weeks I had Vo2 max intervals couldn’t do one. I thought i was juste too tired. Took 2 days off. Tried again I couldn’t event do 1 interval.

Later I learned I had a B6 deficiency which seems to be responsible for stocking glycogen in the muscles. At that point My FTP had dropped to 107 according to trainer roads ramp test.

End of November I decided to give Trainer Road a try because I liked the way the plans were structured. But I thought my FTP was too low. 111 is definately a low number. But still I caried ont with the plan. I started with traditional base Low Volume 1. The workouts were easy. But still, I stayed with it. Tested my FTP at the beginning of TBLV2 it was at 121. Still thought it was pretty low. But stayed with it. Come TBLW3 I did not test my FTP I just entered my NP for a 60 minutes race 130. First week was tough. But I went through it. And was feeling getting stronger and stonger each day.

Today I did a ramp test. Tested 138, I never thought I would go up to a 190 watts step. And even then I think I bailed out too fast My cadence dropped and I couldnt turn the pedals again. Frankly I thought I would never be back at improving.

So just for that thank you.

I’ll do another round of base starting with SSBLV1 adding a race on thuesdays and moving the workouts to de week end. and Il move up to SSBMV2. That will get me just to the beginning of racing season. Where I’ll do the build (general build) and specialty phase (rolling road race) for my first A goal beginning of June. I want to give myself a broad fitness base. And then another round of build (sustained power)/specialty (climbing) for another very though A race in August.


Hey there! I’m so glad you were able to train yourself back into shape with TrainerRoad after discovering your B6 deficiency. Best of luck with your training, and thank you so much for sharing this!

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This is super inspirational Didier! Keep at it buddy! I hope everything is going well for you! I really dig your motivation.

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Sounds like you did the Ramp Test perfectly. Keep pushing and keep believing. I’m willing to bet that you’ll surprise yourself :+1::ok_hand:

This is such a inspiring story and TrainerRoad keeps touching most of our lives. This is really insane (in a good way).
I started cycling almost 3 years ago. Following TrainerRoad’s structured plans, it ramped up my FTP around 100 Watts. I can even race with big guys now. I may not be able to win a race but at the end of each race I have that satisfaction telling me “You raced hard buddy! Good job!”. This is really what I want, able to take the punch, stand up and punch back, as hard as I can. And yes, a big thank you for that TrainerRoad.

I must say i’m happy with the result. I think at this point I could be pretty much doing anything and still improving. Few years back I had a FTP of 240. And then got halted by 4 years of severe illness that culminated in a stroke 2 years ago that got my right side paralyzed, and my energy level down the drain.

So now I’m just happy with wathever progress I make. I always wanted to race but put off the project for when the time will be right. Not anymore. I’ll race with watherver fitness I can gather until then.

After the stroke, I met so many people who gave up on life. And if my story can just help one person find faith to carry on and move toward their goals all the better. This adventure led me to believe that whereever you are in life you just don’t know how much progress you can make if you move on wtih faith, discipline, and commitment to do just one thing each day to make things just a little better tomorrow.



Nice job. Keep it up. You’ll be at 200 in a couple years

I love that you’ve chosen to focus on self-improvement rather than comparing yourself to others. Keep up the hard work, it sounds like it’s paying off!


Inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

You’ll always find a way to succeed as long as you keep asking the right questions and never give up. It might take time but you’ll find a way.