Trainer FTP 183w


I’ve just completed my Ramp Test on my trainer. 183W.
I found this very low considering that I can ride 180w 80 minutes block.
Anyone have similar issues?



It’s always lower on the trainer than outdoors.

Using the same power meter for both indoors and outdoors?

How do you feel ramp test went - do you think you gave it all you had? Were you well rested?

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Yes P2M FSA . Last FTP outside is 220w J had two weeks off but 183w seems to be very low anyway.

Ti be fair I wasn’t very well rested and probably mental fatigue didn’t help either. Mrs getting on the way.

How did you test this? You may be better suited to a 20 min or longer test. If you can do 180 for 80 min then I’d probably say your FTP is higher than 183. If that 80 min was all out then 220 sounds maybe a bit high to me but if it was relatively comfortable then that could be closer to the actual number.

2 weeks off the bike and some poor rest and fatigue could definitely play into a low result. May be worth either retesting under better conditions or just estimate it (likely somewhere above 180 and less than 220) and adjust based on how workouts feel.

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I am literally exactly the same, indoors I show around 180w FTP but outdoors I hit around 220w FTP. I try and not worry because either way I am improving by following a training plan.

Only just started to train in the last week so am a noob to all this.

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