Traditional Base Questions

I’m due to start my next block of base training today and was planning on going with SSB 1 Low Volume again, but I have the time available each week to do Traditional Base. However I also need to add 3 runs and 2 swims into the weeks plan.

I was thinking about doing the Mid Volume Traditional Base and removing the Sunday ride so only having rides Tue/Thu/Sat.

Would this still be enough base bike work to see improvements or should I go with the High Volume for the Tue/Thu/Sat rides.

Or do I need to stick with the 4 rides per week as per the Mid Volume plan?

Maybe consider Traditional Base Low Volume II or Low Volume III. Each has longer sustained intervals consistent with multi-sport course characteristics. You can always add/modify duration, especially the 150min Sunday long rides of the TB-LV-III. Or, you can add short/easy recovery rides on Wed/Fri if desired. But try to keep at least one long(er) ride each week (120-150min).

It’s really hard to talk about expected improvements without any knowledge of your training history or background.

Actually I think your plan is looks pretty good. Once you get past the first 4 week of the Traditional base there are some longer rides at a solid intensity. 2.5 hours at 0.73IF while not stupidly hard is by no means long and easy either and is some pretty solid work especially if you are targeting IM. Lanzarote IRRC?

If that’s the case there’s plenty of time to work on the race specific longer 4-5-6 hour rides next March and April and there’s more TSS in doing what you are suggesting than dropping to the Low Vol plan or doing the SSB Low vol either.