Sweet Spot or Traditional?

I’ve been through a full season of TR training before, and starting again from scratch. I like sweet spot, but found that I normally end up adding long 5 hour rides on the weekend getting way more TSS. I’d do the Traditional Base, but I can only get 1-1.5 hour rides in mon-friday. So, Sweet Spot with extra base hours or Traditional with shorter weekday rides? I normally get 8-14 hours a week.

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It sounds like you’re answering your own question. If you enjoy SS work and you are time-constrained during the week, then SSB sounds like the ticket. If you like long weekend rides and you’ve done it before without it negatively affecting your ability to train during the week, I don’t see an issue.

haha I guess I should’ve said “I don’t mind Sweet Spot”.

I’ve done both SSB mid and high volume, no problem although with high volume I did end up taking an extra rest day or two.

Just completed Traditional Base 1 high volume, and while the workouts are easy the time commitment and sore butt are my issues. Since we can ride outside all year, I’m not going to continue with Trad Base 2 by hardening my butt or hurry up and build DIY rocker plates. Instead am switching to SSB2 mid volume and working longer outside rides into the plan, as a substitution for Sunday (as per plan notes and TR blog/help).

In addition, I rearranged the calendar to accommodate riding outside, going out with my wife on Friday night, making Wed a longer/harder ride, etc.

My adjustments look like this:
Plan → MyPlan : description
Tue → Mon : 60 min VO2max
Wed → Tue : 60 min easy aerobic endurance
Thur → Fri : 60 min threshold
Sat → Wed : 90 min over-unders
Sun > Sat : 120 min sweet spot

Unless its raining, I’ll do a long outside ride on Saturday. My resulting SSB2 mid volume plan looks like this (hard workouts in bold)
Mon : 60 min VO2max
Tue : 60 min easy aerobic endurance
Wed : 90 min over-unders
Thur: rest day
Fri : 60 min threshold
Sat : 2-5 hour outside group or solo rides
Sun : rest day

Hope that helps.


@Spycegurl Since you only have an hour to an hour and a half on weekdays, I would recommend going with SSB to get the most benefit from the training plan. That doesn’t mean you can’t add in these long rides on the weekend! As long as you are able to do these long rides and still complete your indoor workouts, I would say this is an excellent Base Plan strategy.

Depending on how much recovery your body needs you can either do a low volume SSB plan doing the three workouts during the week and add in your weekend rides or you can do a mid volume SSB plan and add in or substitute one of your indoor SSB rides for your longer weekend ride. That said, based on your time available to train each week, I would recommend the mid volume and adding in your longer endurance ride on the weekend. This will put you in the range of 8-14 hours a week.

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