Mixing SS and Traditional Base

I had a target race in Nov and I was supposed start my Speciality Phase as of this week. But as you can imagine race was cancelled.

I just took off a week from bike and going back to Base Training. I want to take it easy this time and do LV(completed MVs in all phases).

I have Tuesdays and Fridays for outside rides. Tuesday is mostly training outside on cycling track, while Fridays are mostly group rides (fast but low intensity).

What I want to do is, instead of having SS intervals outside on Tuesdays, I want to add a long endurance ride from traditional base. Basically I want to keep intensity low but volume high.


So why not do Traditional Base?


I can only ride 2 times outside. I have time crunched other days

Just do SS Lv and then add in trad base types of rides to get you to the tss you are looking to hit.

I’m confused. You say you want to do high volume, but seem to only have 2 days a week?

Unless you have 15+ hours skip traditional base.

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I think he/she means they have two outside rides per week - rest would be SS…

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TR plans (e.g. SSB LV and TB LV) are designed with you having a goal event on the calendar in somewhat near term (e.g 20-30weeks). However, the predicament you are in regarding your Nov event being cancelled is similar to many of us. [For example, given likely vaccination timeframe, I am expecting my next target event to be in Q3’21].

If you take a higher level view of your situation, during Base Period, regardless of its length (e.g 12-20weeks), what you are primarily trying to build are 2 of the 6 skills described by Joe Friel in “The Cyclist Training Bible” - aerobic endurance and muscular endurance. Neither SSB or TB optimizes both. However, given your likely longer time horizon than in the SSB/TB plans you can develop both with a combination of both types training inherent in SSB and TB (i.e. you choose which workouts to do/not do and/or develop your own if you are so inclined). And you can manage the growth by tracking your CTL and TiZ (Time-in-Zone)) provided you have the tools to do so (e.g. Training Peaks Premium and/or WKO). Note: This can also be done manually with a spreadsheet, it just takes a bit more work.

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Yeah basically what I did was , I have removed one ride LV and I have included 2 long rides (low intensity, around 3 hrs.) each and added 2 GYM day and a one away from bike day.

2 outside, 2 inside, 2 days in the gym. I think this will do the job.

Thanks for the replies.