TR workouts coming to the Hammerhead Karoo?

Agreed. Having the right workout prescribed for me is where I consider the most value to be. I can find workouts online that hit particular energy systems regardless, I just wouldn’t know what to pick for a logical and sustainable progression.

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But as a hammerhead user, adaptive training is pretty useless unless I do every single ride indoors (which is not why I ride)

So any outdoor rides don’t get recognised by adaptive training and nor can I use outdoor workouts if I want to train alone.

I believe it’s the same with wahoo units. I’m not even sure that adaptive training accounts outdoor Garmin rides properly does it?

Kind make AT I bit pointless for me

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Doesn’t it account for the workout if you associate it with a known TR workout?

@professore is right in that associating with a scheduled TR workout will give you credit within Adaptive Training adjust your Progression Levels accordingly for the work assigned in that workout. Your post workout survey answers for those completed workouts will also elicit adaptations when warranted! Syncing with Strava will make that association process automatic, too.

Please let me know if you have further questions, here to help!

They will only give you credit if the outdoor ride closely matches the scheduled workout. But if or any group rides or random efforts you get nothing.

I ride for pleasure, health and fitness. I don’t race but like to have personal goal and challenges. Eg I like to ride outside l, especially in better weather.
I suspect this is like most of your user base. Most people don’t race or only train indoors.

So in these instances AT is practically useless.

Look, I’m a subscribed longtime TR user, but I’m grandfathered in at a good price so it’s use and cost is great for me even without AT however if I were to pay the full price I would 100% not use TR.
I just feel like I’ve been promised something I can’t use. Hell, we’re still not able to use group workouts unless it’s on a PC (who the hell uses a PC!?) Even though that was built up a couple of years ago now.
That was a great idea but it’s probably too far gone now and missed the boat even if I could use it on iPad…anyone I know that would’ve used it migrated to zwift


For now. :wink:

Workout Levels V2 is on its way!
Those outside unstructured rides are still used when calculating your AI FTP Detection, so its great ride data that can still be utilized.

I’ll post WLV2 updates as soon as they’re available! :+1:


+1 for TR/Hammerhead Karoo integration

More integration with something other than Garmin/Strava please!
I’ve a Karoo 2 as well.

Hey Ivy, Happy Thanksgiving! Trainer Road outside workouts for Hammerhead would be a great Christmas present! Ready for New Year resolution season. :smile: :man_mountain_biking:


Hey Happy late Thanksgiving! :smiley:
Sorry I don’t have better news about the timeline for Hammerhead integration, but the development team is focused on some big moves in higher priority releases, like a final push in AI FPT Detection to get that feature dialed.

I’ll be sure to jump on this thread when any updates become available. In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions or need a hand with anything.



I think this has been mentioned in this thread before, but what I have found the easiest thing to do is to build the workout in TrainingPeaks (you do this with the free or paid account) and then push that workout the Karoo.

Just a reminder that is technically against the TOS for TR.


Trust me, it is not my preferred option.