Calorie question

This is a stupid question, but was wondering, does the calorie estimate of a workout vary with FTP? Say I have a FTP of 175, and someone else has a FTP of 275, and we both have the same workout scheduled for the day., will his workout show a higher intensity of calorie burn [as it should]?

Yep, Joules are watt-seconds, so higher FTP = higher average watts = more watt seconds for the same duration.


Never knew this! I thought the effort just stayed the same so the energy usage was the same. But yes, totally makes sense when you think about it.

How does weight factor into it?

This should interest you:

IF (cause it is relative) will be the same but you will do less work than someone with 275 ftp, so you will burn less calories.

Thanks guys. In know that I will burn less, but I was asking whether the TR software will take FTP into account and show less for me than the stronger rider?

To see this for yourself, click on a workout (example link below), then at the bottom below goals there are 3 tabs:


Viewing All Rides you will see variances between KJ/Cal from other users with differing power profiles.

The burn you see is specific to you and adjust in line with any changes you make to your own FTP or workout intensity.

TrainerRoad uses FTP to set power targets.

So if TR has you doing say, 5 x threshold intervals, you will be doing them at 175, and your friend will be doing them at 275, and your friend will be burning more calories because he will be doing them at more watts.

But if you both did 20 mins at 150W, then you will burn the same number of calories, even though your friend is the stronger rider, and is cruising along at a recovery effort, while you are working quite hard.

Thanks. Got it.