TR updated itself, no longer runs with Zwift

Cheers Braq.

I’ll give it a go tomorrow.

Works perfectly on my Windows 10. I used it about 10hours ago. I have Zwift on my cellphone then link the phone to the tv Monitor and TR on windows 10 using Ant+. When I run both Zwift and TR on the PC I get some dropouts.

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I couldn’t get it to work as I wanted.

I was trying to do the TR workout in erg and watch myself ride around in Zwift. Wouldnt play together. If I was connected to one it wouldn’t connect to the other.

Was using two iPhones but that shouldn’t make a difference.

2 iPhones and using Bluetooth for both?

What trainer and power meter in use?

You know that Bluetooth can only connect to one device at a time, so you need at least to be adding ANT+ in the mix for one phone to even have a chance to make this work.

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When I can be bothered I’ll try using Zwift on an old iPad with bluetooth and trainer road on the MacBook with ant+. I’ve a feeling that will work but I always used to be able to run both apps on the same MacBook using bluetooth with one and ant+ with the other. To be honest I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle though!

Here is the best guide that covers the multiple ways of mixing Z & TR.

And here lies the problem @mcneese.chad that guide is no longer correct as that is exactly how it used to work. Both platforms have had many app updates since Jan 2017 and I don’t want to point the figure at which app has caused the change but something has.

There may be issues with one particular setup, but I am able to still mix the two with at least one method.

I use Zwift on PC via ANT+, and TR on mobile via BLE & ANT+ with great success recently.

I have used both on PC via ANT+, and TR on the same PC via a second ANT+ and it also worked.

There is essentially a matrix of multiple ways to mix the two, and many as detailed in the guide still work well.

My main goal in sharing the link again was to give guidance to the prior poster, since he was apparently trying to use BLE on two devices, which will never work.

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I have always done it this way too, but since the TR app update I’m getting frequent dropouts that I’m beginning to suspect may have something to do with Zwift and TR competing for the ANT+ signals.

Neither TR nor myself has been able to suss this out for sure, so take that with a grain of salt…

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I had particular drop issues with the Neo 2 over ANT+ as well. Those don’t happen with my Kickr or H2, so I think my example is related to the trainer and/or coms locations and potential interferrance.

Interesting… My dropouts primarily affect my 4iiii power meter, but it’s not unusual to lose the Kickr at the same time. I wouldn’t even really call them “dropouts”, they’re more like disconnects/reconnects since they take anywhere from 10-30 seconds to re-establish. They can certainly make VO2Max workouts challenging (to say the least)

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Yeah, different gear, but similar response. TR altered their app a bit to maintain a given resistance, even when a dropout occurs. Works well for steady state stuff that doesn’t change quickly. But if you happen to catch it at the point of a large interval target change, things get a little weird.

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Just using a Direto with no external power meter. Id read that I’d need Bluetooth and Ant+ but Braq seems to be getting it to work with just Bluetooth.

Something seems off there. I am unaware of a way that a single BLE power/trainer device will share data to 2 devices simultaneously.

My gut says there is an ANT+ connection at play, or two devices on BLE (trainer and power meter).

Yeah, it certainly doesn’t work for me.

Dug into it a bit and looks like the Kickr Core has the ability to simultaneously connect up to 3 Bluetooth connections. So, that is why it is working for me. Sorry if I got your hopes up.


That capability was added recently via firmware update and is only possible with the Kickr18 and Core models. I expect other trainer makers to follow suit, but that will be a bit unfortunately.

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On Thursday evening I ran TrainerRoad on my phone so connected to devices using Bluetooth and ran Zwift on my MacBook using Ant+ key without any issues. I turned Bluetooth off on MacBook just to be on the safe side. So just seems to be running both software on the same device that causes issues for me even though it never used to. Like I said, not a Zwift subscriber so no big issue for me but someone might find this info useful.