TR Tri plans discussed on Inside The Big Ring

Interview with age grouper Paige Schulz – who seems to be taking things by complete storm! Coming from a running background, she talks about just using TR IM plans.

Could not figure out how to link directly to the podcast player. Here is the front page Inside The Big Ring. Dated Sep 26, 2019.


On the tri subreddit the other day someone was commenting that lots of people get injured on the TR plans, I’ve done LV 70.3 and then a rebuild this season and not found that, do others?

I’ve been injury free also. I wonder if people are picking too high a volume for their abilities and then not listening to their bodies. There’s a long, at times whiny (in my view), thread about injury/overtraining from the plans over on another forum.


I got injured during the long run on the last lang weekend of Specialty IM LV.
I did LV Base Build and Specialty with almost every single workout in all sports.
After this last long run I had hip problems. MRI still shows damaged bone (after 3.5 months) and I am still not able to run.
I am not sure if it‘s fair to blame the plan. But running in the plans ist always with intensities or after a long bike the day before and a long swim on the same day, so in a pretty fatigued state. Thats probably not for everyone…

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Going into my third season, went through a mix of LV and MV for half and full. No injuries whatsoever, but admittedly I modified the swim and run parts on occasion.

I can see though how people with little cycling background may get in over their head. Quickly achievable power gains coupled with poor technique and lack of experience is a recipe for injury. Some people don’t listen to their bodies because they don’t know yet how to interpret the signals properly.

I agree with the comments above that Picking the wrong volume plan is the number one reason for trouble

In my opinion, the TR plan for HIM or IM have quite a lot of work on the bike - especially because it’s indoors - so that may not be for everybody, although ending up overfatigued without performance gains is more likely than ending up injured.

On the run side, IMO the progression is pretty soft. But it is just so easy to end up injured with running. Do one run a little too hard and you may be there already in the context of an otherwise intense training schedule. you can get more or less injured from looking at your running shoes. It’s ridiculous