TR / TP premium vs TR / WKO5

Hi all,

I’m starting to think of my off season training plan again and was thinking of ditching TP premium account and replacing with WKO. TP really helped me last year by planning long term and being able to predict fitness gains, fatigue etc… This year I would like to step it up and start focusing on some of my weaknesses and with TR enhanced calendar now I thought I could get away with TP premium.

Has anyone else done this ? Will I be missing certain features ? The auto sync into WKO from TP is nice but I believe I can still achieve this with the free version, correct ?


Correct, you can sync to WKO from TP free.

I honestly can’t think of a TP Premium feature that wouldn’t be covered by the TR+WKO combo.

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I’ve been using TP Premium and WK04 (and now 05) for 3 1/2 years. I recently renewed/upgraded both. Part of it is features; part of it is workflow.

I find that mutli-sport calendaring (mostly road cycling and strength training) with integrated PMC charting makes planning out training blocks (e.g. ramps, tapers) fast and easy. And post ride upload, I like the TP Premium’s ride analysis tools (e.g. NP over a segment; peak powers both for the ride and as compared to other time periods). And while WK04/5 can be used for single workout analysis, my workflow is such that I use it for more as a more macro analytical tool (training blocks, time periods).


You raise valid points. I can see myself launching WKO on a weekly/bi weekly basis to analyse progress. Like you, I find myself on TP on a daily basis after each ride to compare segments/breakthroughs etc… I think this can be covered by using Strava/WKO5 segment feature ?

The one concern I have is the PMC like you mentioned. I found this to be extremly usefull when planning my training blocks 2-3 weeks in advance or if I knew I had a schedule change due to family/work related events which forced me to deviate from my original plan. I haven’t done a deep dive in WKO but I’m assuming this isn’t possible since you can’t input upcoming rides ?

You can add upcoming rides in WKO5, though it is not as user friendly as TPprem I will say that much.

I was a little lost after dropping TP Premium, but it quickly passed and very happy with TrainerRoad + Strava free (segments) + TP-free/WKO4.

@guilly08 how did you end up? Did you buy WKO5 and are you TPfree or did you go all in with TPpremium? I’m searching for a solution to analyse my data in depth (multisport).

Golden cheetah is free and works pretty well. Same with I just use TR and set up seasons in the personal records section.

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Golden Cheetah is fine for some things, after an eval I plunked down real money on WKO5 and it gets better and better over time as I customize the graphs/charts/views/etc. Really nice coaching / data analysis tool. As a pure cyclist not logging runs/swims, IMHO the only reasons to go TP Premium are: want to use the mobile app (its pretty nice), and you bought a plan and want to easily move workouts around after life gets in the way. Might have a different opinion if I was logging swims and runs…

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Sorry for the delayed response but for what it’s worth I’ve been rocking TP-Free / WKO5 and it is fine.

The negatives:

  • Manually entering workouts in the WKO5 calendar is not that great
  • Workouts transferred from TP come in as a new workout and don’t flag your planned workout as complete. So you have to go in and delete the planned ones after the fact.
  • No online access to workouts. Not a huge deal for me, I typically like to review things at night after I’m done workout and whatever other plans I have for the day.
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