Future Request [TR force change in FTP in TP]

Hello there,

I am using TP as my backup place for workouts that I am doing with TR (I am a Computer Engineer and value the backups :joy:)

I just want to check if we can replicate the FTP changes to TPdirectly from TR at least Ramp test results.


No, I am afraid not.
Even if you could I suspect you would need to be a paying user of TP, not on the free version.

FTP doesnโ€™t change that often, so it is not too much of a hassle to manually update it in TP. I have 5 places I need to update it.


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I am in the same boat. I have it in TR, TP, Garmin and WKO5.

Knowing TP does not sync FTP to WKO5, I think asking TR this a little bit weird :joy::joy::joy:

I think Iโ€™m interpreting this as a sync between TrainerRoad and Training Peaks beyond just calendar sync, rather a full integration, correct?

Just simple metric sync. Calendar is not that important, at least for me.

If currentFtp != newFtp {
Else {

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