TrainingPeaks History Import To TrainerRoad

I am trying to figure out where to go. I have TrainingPeaks and WKO5. I am interested in some of the features of TrainerRoad for helping me design my workouts to achieve my goals. As I have about 2 years of rides and workouts in TrainingPeaks, I’d like to have TrainerRoad be able to utilize them in the Adaptive Training process. Is this possible?

If you have any other suggestions with approach to this, please offer your comments.

Thanks, Kurt

You could probably use the data export feature in TrainingPeaks, then manually import the rides in TrainerRoad past rides section.

Do you use Garmin? If so: Did you sync the last five years from Garmin Connect to TR?

Strava import works well too if you’re a Strava user

Thanks for the responses. I do have Strava, and that seems to be the best avenue for me as I dual record to have Garmin metrics, then indoor Zwift activities to Strava and TP. The outdoor workouts are recorded by the Garmin, of course.

I feel like I’ve got a fair understanding of the methodology of training. I’m looking at TR as I’ve tired of either building my own structured workout or using TP canned workouts. I’ve tried the mid-ranged priced TP coach, but didn’t find it brought enough value to me for $190mo. What has been you experience in the “Adaptive” element in TR to improve limiters in my performance.

Thanks for all l the input.