How many use Training Peaks coupled with Trainer Road

In short, why would you have both? TP and TR? Why not just TR?

habbit mostly. And its so much easier to pop in tri workouts into TP
I dont use a TR plan

Interesting… So what do you use TR for?

If I were even more data nerdy or already had a WKO5 license I would keep using TP no matter what other platform I were on or if I had a coach that used TP for workouts…

You can just use the free TP with WKO5… that is what I do.

OP didn’t say paid account :confused:

I know… I was just clearing up a possible misunderstanding. :slight_smile:

As in why wouldnt you if its free and links to other services.

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Workout player

I see TR as a service that provides training plans and has a bit of analysis built in.

I see TrainingPeaks as a planning and analysis platform that has the ability to purchase training plans built in.

So to directly answer your question, you could follow the TR plans and use TR as a workout player (including for a plan you purchased elsewhere) and then analyze the work/workload/trends/etc. in TP.

I actually don’t think of the two as having much overlap.


Because 90% of the functions I use are free and it links to WKO, Garmin, Strava, trainerday, wahoo, final surge, xert, running apps better than TR, which does not share their daily workouts like others (okay only two days, so TR wouldnt be lossing anything if they matched their competitors using WOD, workout of the day.)
It is like a central hub thats free. Also TP supports all activities, TR doesnt.

Paid… the charts and analysis on TP are much better imo opinion.

Factual review. I have a paid sub for TR but not TP.

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was just a trainer controller. not subscribed anymore

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I always thought that was a selling point… “powermatch” but unfortunately with the recent version its worse than Wahoo and Garmins native controllers and much worse than the opposition imo. Maybe the legacy option is better for some.

I understand why the price is not worth the sub for you. I was there as well. In fact I may or may not renew next month.

I mainly just subbed to see whats new and throw some pennys / cents in the pot, support the business and the forum which is great. Not sure Ive got my value from the main product… but thats okay its not about that.

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Thanks Bbt67…

I’m really just trying to understand why folks have both. To me, its one or the other. You either use TR plans or you use TP plans. I know you can even push a TP plans to TR but why? how does that even help me? I’m missing something, obviously. Paid or unpaid that’s a different topic for me. We can consider all discussions as paid if that’s helpful. In reality, I spend more on beer and coffee. Maybe that’s my training problem… haha.

What are you using to actually do the workouts? A head unit? One of the things many love about TR is the workout player. It’s easy to get addicted to the “Blue Lines”.

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Thats part of the issue… Everything and I want to consolidate. I use a head unit with a power meter on one bike, and phone app (QZ-zwift) to record power on my spin bike, and just a HR monitor (watch) for another bike. This situation is far from ideal. I currently have a training plan in TP and poking around TR. So when I set out to play my workout, it always comes through my head unit but not actually records it (its NOT linked to my MTB or spin). Yeah, its a mess… but the other question still remains of why workouts in TR vs TP.

You can’t do workouts in TP. I don’t understand what you’re saying. What do you use to run the workout?

I send the workout to my head unit. Play it from there… no matter what bike I’m on. My head unit only “records” all the data (HR and power) when I’m on the bike with a power meter. Otherwise, with the spin bike, my power gets recorded to an app which is sent to Strava… which I then export and import to TP. yeah… sucks. I know TR can directly import this… bur thants another topic. :slight_smile: The “third” bike I only get HR data and I guess GPS stuff (from the head unit).

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It has admittedly been awhile since I dug into it, but TP’s data analysis tools have always surpassed TR’s, IMO…I use TR for my plans and TP for the analysis / historical data.


I was a paying TrainingPeaks subscriber long before starting with TrainerRoad. I continue to use TP to view my workouts and trends. It is more robust for that. TR also doesn’t track your CTL. Might not sound like a big deal, but for me tracking CTL is a major source of motivation. I want/need to see that number climb week over week.

TP also lets me see what fatigue will be into the future with my currently planned workouts. So then I can play around with them and make adjustments to proactively manage fatigue. That is different than seeing yellow or red days appear after the fact. TP also helps me manage form (or freshness) going into events. I just can’t get that on TR.


Gotcha. Makes sense now. A lot of people are using TR as the workout player on their computer, phone, iPad, etc. It’s a good one. In case you don’t have experience with it, here’s a sample stolen from google images.