TR -> TP -> WKO5 Is it working for you?

If you are using this activity workflow, is it working for you? Have you had any problems recently with WKO5 not getting the activities even though they have arrived in TrainingPeaks?
Thanks guys, Barry

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Yes, working fine

Thanks! Helps me to narrow down to where the cause of my problem may be.

Five days ago on Sunday afternoon (January 8th) I used my Apple Watch to record 5+ hours of hauling large/heavy redwood branches and related cleanup.

Then RunGap to sync to TrainingPeaks, and it didn’t show up. Tried a couple times to sync and each time it didn’t show up in TP.

Ended up downloading .fit and uploading to TP.

That is the only time I’ve had a problem syncing to TP.

I don’t update WKO5 everyday, but did have an issue earlier in the week where my weekend rides didn’t sync from TP. Eventually just added them manually. I haven’t been back on to see if it’s fixed though

Thanks for reply. My activities are getting into TP but not to WKO5.

Thanks for replying. I have tried resetting the WKO5 sync date and resetting the WKO5 athlete’s TP login but my activities (they’re not TR activities) still don’t get synced to WKO5. If I modify the activity in TP, for example RPE or “feeling”, the activity will get to WKO5 on the next scan. Unmodified TP activites are still ignored. I have posted here to ask if TR users are experiencing similar problems with their activities. Thanks again.