TR Running Thread 2023

If there’s one thing I can do it’s judge pace. I have done quite a few races as a pacer as well. Was not impressed with the 1:25 pacers in this one.

Awesome stuff @adenega :+1: Will this get you into NYC marathon at the end of this year or a qualifying time for 2024?

Manual mile splits? Do they still have mile makers at races in the US?

I am already in this year. Potentially next year, but I expect I will have a 9+1, which is an easier way to enter, should I choose to enter the race. So the Q time is more of a personal achievement I wanted to tick off.

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Personal update.

I finally feel like I’m making progress. As of last week, I’m up to 50km/wk. I’m aiming to get back to 50-60km/wk including workouts. Also, the last two weeks I ran consecutive days for the first time since before my accident in 2021. I do about 5min of activation exercises w/a band before I head out as well as roller and/or Theragun afterwards. Started some strength training last week as well. Still a bit paranoid about every little feeling w/each step, but less so than before.

I’m guessing most if not all of us are northern hemisphere. As such, the running season is what you might say done. However, don’t slack off now. Keep a few runs each week to keep your body accustomed to the pounding and mechanics for when you ramp up again for the fall/winter races! Go sign up for a summer 5k series and enjoy the suck :joy:


I use the TM for the first time this year on Saturday for a long run (12 miles). It felt SO much better than running in the humidity and heat. TM is becoming my tool for long runs and some workouts. It helps me stay out of the proverbial “hole” for other workouts.

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What does TM stand for in this case? Do you mean a treadmill?

yes… Treadmill … I though it was a universal thing… maybe not

Guessing you have good air flow on the treadmill. I remember running on a treadmill in a gym for a couple years and it was a total sweatfest, as bad if not worse than being outside. I haven’t been on a treadmill since. Although, with adequate cooling, definitely a good choice in hot climates!

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The war on acronyms continues - I find myself using them here too much, but I’ve almost eliminated them from my work documents. :slight_smile:

The ac at gym is kept at 68 or so, and there are big floor fans people can move around. Always get one of those and things get considerably better. I mean the treadmill ends like someone dumped a bucket or water over it, but that’s ok… Beats running in the heat and humidity!

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Thanks for asking, I felt like an idiot not understanding a thing.

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Thought of you and the treadmill as I was melting :melting_face: this morning! Heat acclimated or not, time to embrace the suck!

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It’s been hot when not raining the last couple weeks. Today was rainy and windy due to a nearby typhoon :cyclone: Unfortunately, it remained hot as well. Good news is that according to my Garmin, I’m :100:% heat acclimated. Bad news is that even though it says 100%, I felt like 0%.

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Late/abridged race report for my half marathon a couple of weekends ago;

First race back after doing SFA for 6 months and it was a rough one. Legs hurt like hell and had GI issues from the outset. Actually stopped and started walking back a couple of times because I felt so sh*tty, but eventually talked myself down and had to grind my way back into a 35kph headwind with no draft, because I’d dropped far enough back that I was constantly bridging between groups to make up time. Ironically the pace minus stop time was only about 5sec/km slower than my goal which I’m actually pretty happy with given the wind conditions. Which doesn’t mean much from an actual performance standpoint, but I think the limiter was mainly mental, not fitness. Something to be said for learning to hurt again I think.
I’d probably put the sore legs down to bringing proper bike training in the couple of weeks before- not a great move from a race standpoint, but my primary goal was using it as a motivator to get back into a regular training schedule so I’ll happily take that in service of the bigger thing.

This weekend I am doing a 6 hour timed run for a laugh. I don’t have remotely the kind of fitness for any lofty expectations and I’ve got no idea what I’m getting myself into, so just going to be a walk/run approach with the aim of keeping moving the entire time and improving on the mental side. Tips welcome as I’m certainly not an ultrarunner!


Tips? Don’t do it?

A different version of me ran 36 miles on 2016… This was for my 36 birthday. What we did was run for 60 minutes and rest for 5 until we finished. Took us 5.5 hours moving time… 6.5 hours of actual time. We ran out of water getting close to Washington DC and although it was super hot, the water fountains were winterized (early may run)…


Make sure to plan the route around water and bathroom breaks.

Make sure to pack enough food… PB sandwiches are great

Rest a bit if possible… Walk run is fine… But imo running longer and taking longer breaks to eat works better… We ran 1hr and rest 5ish minutes. We used bathroom and ate…

Try to find someone to run with. This will be a memorable experience and it will be much better to share it with someone.

Dot try to make any record that day… Just start slowish and go from there… 6hrs on your feet will destroy your legs…

Best of luck!


80 lbs overweight and insulin resistant, so all progress is slow… but focused on direction, not velocity. Running and cycling to improve gradually.

First 5K of the year yesterday: 41:25 (last year 39:06). Expected and reasonable, since most of my recent training focused on cycling endurance for GFNY three weeks ago… and STILL recovering from the massive fatigue of spending 7+ hours on the bike when I’d never done more than four before.

Now back to more balanced training and building up weekly TSS. First 10K of the year next Saturday… goal is 1:25:00 (set a 1:29:11 PB last December).


First 10k coming up next weekend, I’m still in base training, 6 weeks of easy runs with a few strides at the end - added 30/30s last week, plus a couple of tempo intervals. Not quite the shape I need for a competitive run, but whatever - let’s go see what can be done with what we have…


@AgingCannon @rocourteau I forgot to ask, how did the 10k races go?

Personal update: I’ve been consistent 50-60km/week now for over a month. I’m doing strength and mobility as well. While hot and miserable, things have been going well. Had planned on increased mileage this week, but it looks like I get to take a break as I have come down with Covid :person_shrugging:


Went smoothly - ran 5:28/km pace, a bit faster in the first 5km, a bit slower in the second half. I don’t have the muscular endurance yet to get closer to my target (5:00/km) over the distance, but I’m doing my tempo intervals at that pace.

It was one of these ok but not great race setups, with a couple of u-turns in the course, a screw-up in the course causing all km markers to be off by miles, and an extra 200m tacked on at then end - but good fun nonetheless.


Race report from my 6 hour thing last weekend;

Went in with no training/prep and SFA mileage so no real goals other than to keep moving and nail the mental side of things after catastrophically wimping out during my last HM. Ended up being a perfect opportunity- 6 hour timed event on a reasonably flat loop, so easy on the logistics side and all I had to do was focus on running. No real distance goals as i had no idea how my body would hold up. (Figured 50k would be cool because I’ve never run anything longer than a very social marathon, though 60 was achievable provided my strategy actually held up.)

Went way better than expected. Legs felt okay, no taper so nothing special. Moderately sketchy stomach so I couldn’t eat/drink much, but enough to get through given the cold weather and forgiving intensity/terrain. (Vegemite sandwich at the 4hr mark sorted that out so might have to look into more salt in the future?) Not good at 6am starts but on the bright side I actually started to feel better once I woke up about 90 minutes in :stuck_out_tongue:
Started hurting at about 3 hours- entirely expected given my longest run prior was 22k, but the splits held steady and I felt on top of it the entire time. Left quad had a meltdown shortly after 5 hours so I pulled the plug and powerhiked the rest- figured it was most likely an overload thing and with the fitness just starting to come back I wasn’t keen on extending any time off for one of my ill-advised funruns. (cleared up with a few days rest+easy spinning so probably just a muscle strain but fairly happy with that call after I found out that pushing through can be a risk for stress fractures!)

Somehow managed 71k- first female and second overall (ahead of my PT, the greatest equaliser of all.) Was <2k under the course record even with the walk, so might be some scope for next year with a bit more prep… pretty stoked all things considered, and really enjoyed the format so maybe I’m more cut out for long distance than I thought? :shushing_face:

Thanks to @Joelrivera for the sage advice (the sandwich suggestion may have saved my life) and well done to @rocourteau on a solid race!