TR Running Thread 2023

If there’s one thing I can do it’s judge pace. I have done quite a few races as a pacer as well. Was not impressed with the 1:25 pacers in this one.

Awesome stuff @adenega :+1: Will this get you into NYC marathon at the end of this year or a qualifying time for 2024?

Manual mile splits? Do they still have mile makers at races in the US?

I am already in this year. Potentially next year, but I expect I will have a 9+1, which is an easier way to enter, should I choose to enter the race. So the Q time is more of a personal achievement I wanted to tick off.

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Personal update.

I finally feel like I’m making progress. As of last week, I’m up to 50km/wk. I’m aiming to get back to 50-60km/wk including workouts. Also, the last two weeks I ran consecutive days for the first time since before my accident in 2021. I do about 5min of activation exercises w/a band before I head out as well as roller and/or Theragun afterwards. Started some strength training last week as well. Still a bit paranoid about every little feeling w/each step, but less so than before.

I’m guessing most if not all of us are northern hemisphere. As such, the running season is what you might say done. However, don’t slack off now. Keep a few runs each week to keep your body accustomed to the pounding and mechanics for when you ramp up again for the fall/winter races! Go sign up for a summer 5k series and enjoy the suck :joy:


I use the TM for the first time this year on Saturday for a long run (12 miles). It felt SO much better than running in the humidity and heat. TM is becoming my tool for long runs and some workouts. It helps me stay out of the proverbial “hole” for other workouts.

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What does TM stand for in this case? Do you mean a treadmill?

yes… Treadmill … I though it was a universal thing… maybe not

Guessing you have good air flow on the treadmill. I remember running on a treadmill in a gym for a couple years and it was a total sweatfest, as bad if not worse than being outside. I haven’t been on a treadmill since. Although, with adequate cooling, definitely a good choice in hot climates!

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The war on acronyms continues - I find myself using them here too much, but I’ve almost eliminated them from my work documents. :slight_smile:

The ac at gym is kept at 68 or so, and there are big floor fans people can move around. Always get one of those and things get considerably better. I mean the treadmill ends like someone dumped a bucket or water over it, but that’s ok… Beats running in the heat and humidity!

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Thanks for asking, I felt like an idiot not understanding a thing.

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Thought of you and the treadmill as I was melting :melting_face: this morning! Heat acclimated or not, time to embrace the suck!

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