TR Running Thread 2023

Raced the HM this past weekend. I’ve been riding 4 times a week while running at least 3x’s. Dropped a ride and added 1-2 runs as I got closer to race day. Averaging 40 mi a week and peaking at 48.

It’s a relatively ‘small’ race of about 1,000 runners. With most of the local ‘faster’ runners in Boston I had a stretch A goal of top 5, B goal of PR and C of top 10.

Race morning I walked out the door and was hit with warm windy humid weather; 70 degrees 90% humidity and 20+ mph winds. I knew a PR was not in the cards. I showed up to the starting line and found several local speedsters and then thought top 5 was a no go… And thought a top 10 would be a stretch.

Gun goes and we take off. I follow the lead group and find my HR spiking right away. I try to settle in behind the a group to let my HR recover. Within the first 2.5 miles I start having thoughts of bailing and/or walking. Somehow I keep convince myself to keep putting one foot in front of the other until I couldn’t.

Over the first 5 miles of the race runner after runner start to drop off. About 9 miles in two runners break ahead and its down to myself a one other. A cyclist off the side of the road tells us we’re in 11th and 12th place. By mile 10 the guy I’m with tells me he’s fading and for me to push ahead.

Now in 11th place I try to hold as steady as I can… By mile 11 I start to bridge up to 10th place. Just before I bridge up 9th place comes to a stop and we both pass by him.

So now in 10th and I start to come up with a strategy to run his feet until .25 miles to go to attack to the finish… With less than a mile to go he begins to fade and I keep steady. I made sure not to let up as I was convinced he was going to do exactly what I was planning. And kept looking back. As we neared the finished I kicked and crossed the line in 8th… The cyclist was off smh lol…

Time wise it wasn’t the fastest; 1:20:45… but it’s encouraging and have lots of takeaways as there was a ton of ‘racing’ involved. All other finishing times were nearly 4 minutes slower than previous years which tells me under better conditions I could have thrown down a ‘quick’ time. Still, happy with 8th OA and 1st Old Man.


Wait a minute…. :thinking:


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Heh… this HM time is my goal for the next 10K I’ll run… and it’d be my fastest 10K in 30 years if I pull it off! Looks pretty fast from here, great job. :clap:t2:


Thank you for putting the DNS in.

I have got to say, it still hurts, made me sad to see that, but it wasn’t of my own making.

Not sure where I am going from here but sub 20min 5km at 50 yrs old, and sub 90 min Half might be something to aspire too.


Great results at the London Marathon today across all categories.

These are good goals which will also help with your next marathon!

I feel like Kiptum might be the one to break the 2 hour barrier. His first two marathons both under 2:02, 16 seconds off Kipchoge’s WR, only 23 years old. Wow.


Did my Monthly 10km Trust trail run, lovely tracks in the woods, undulating, 143m was recorded. Managed to set a Strava PR of 48:49, knocking a minute off previous best. Went out at a tempo as I’ve only done two TR rides and two slow HM’s this week and had an extra rest day on Saturday! For me its a good monthly session to see how things are going, still haven’t managed to shift the weight, still floating between 95-96kgs, but more important, not put any extra on :slight_smile:

Strava fitness curve still ramping up, only three weeks until UTS 50 in Snowdonia, body feeling fitter than last year so hoping to break last years time. Target is always just to complete. Looking at the course this year, looks a little less technical, so less hand involvement more speed? Only thing currently that can scupper plans is the weather and possibly mud trail in Beddgelert forest, this year we are going up it, might just bring the microspikes!


Few things:

  1. I was in Colorado Spring the last week. I was worried a bit that going from flat FL to Colorado was going to be a pain with the elevation and lack of oxygen. It turned out this has been the best running i have had in a very long time. My HR was where it needed to be and my pace was faster than in FL. My hypotesis is that I traded the heat and humidity for elevation and it was a fair trade. So the elevation didnt affected me as I would have expected… Thought?

  2. Today, before leaving, I did the famous incline (Manitou Incline - Manitou Springs). This was hard. I thought it was going to be a challenge, but it was much worse than expected. Finished the climb in 40 minutes or so. The people who were with me (who are locals and have done the climb multiple times) said the time was very good. Anyway… I would recommend to anyone looking for a challenge!

Heat training gets your body used to the heat and increased blood plasma volume, while altitude training increase red blood cell count. That said, I have no idea how much crossover benefit heat has relative to altitude. But I do know that after training in FL or TW heat and humidity, everything else seems more comfortable :smile:


There’s an old saying I’m the running world that heat is the “poor man’s altitude.” Guess they were right. :rofl:

UGHHHHHH. What a train wreck, mississauga half marathon done.

Out of my goals

  1. Goals: A) 2:00 or under B) 2:05 C) not blow up my first half (it’s not the time to set 5k and 10k PRs)

I managed to get C) somewhat right, as i pace properly.
But since i just threw my training in the trash can the past few weeks i was less ready and the hills murdered me.
BUT i ran the whole way, no walking, even on the hills that i was seeing so many people walk so im somewhat happy about that.
But i’ve got some work to do and some weight to lose!


@PhilippePhlop Live and learn right?! Way to finish w/out walking :+1:

@adenega How’s the training for the Brooklyn Half coming along? One more heavy week, and then taper I expect. Goal time?

Hey now, if it’s your first half and you pulled off your pacing plan I’d call that a success! That’s pretty much the name of the game. First one is a PR and a big milestone regardless- time enough to nail pace goals and improve the training in the next one once you’ve got a feel for the distance.

Well done on a tough race- enjoy the celebrations :slight_smile:


Yes, I will probably start tapering off mid week next week. I had a big setback at the end of February because I caught corona, so I am not where I could have been training wise. But I had a good 3-4 weeks, including a pretty good threshold session yesterday.

If the weather is decent I should at least do better than in the half January.

I don’t usually commit to any specific goal time. I like to figure out what I am working with in the first few miles on race day.

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Also for ONCE i managed to look good on race pics lol
so that’s another good thing about the race lol


@adnega Have a good group long run this weekend :wink:

Thanks. This is a good sign, right? I will hope so. I am worried I cut volume a bit too much. Felt a bit sluggish on my 4 mile run this morning. Hopefully the first few miles tomorrow will sort that out.

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I felt like the aerobic engine had more to give, maybe as much as 1:23, but my legs weren’t having it. Muscle fatigue set in early, so I was very cautious for the first 10k. I was proven prudent, because last few miles I felt like I could cramp at any point. I just haven’t had the training volume to really push hard in a half marathon. So I settle for 1:24:53. That said, this should be a guaranteed entry time for the NYC marathon for my age, and good progress from January.

Lap Distance Duration Elapsed Avg. HR Max HR
1 1.02 mi 6:49.31 6:49.31 146 159
2 1 mi 6:25.81 13:15.12 160 163
3 1.01 mi 6:25.22 19:40.34 160 164
4 1.01 mi 6:32.63 26:12.97 164 168
5 1.01 mi 6:38.99 32:51.96 166 170
6 1.01 mi 6:33.05 39:25.01 168 171
7 1.01 mi 6:20.29 45:45.30 166 171
8 1 mi 6:27.65 52:12.95 168 172
9 1 mi 6:20.90 58:33.85 170 173
10 1.01 mi 6:27.97 1:05:01.82 169 172
11 1 mi 6:27.71 1:11:29.53 167 170
12 1 mi 6:24.34 1:17:53.87 169 171
13 1.02 mi 6:23.66 1:24:17.53 171 173
14 0.1 mi 0:35.51 1:24:53.04 174 175

I’m no expert, but that looks like a really well-paced run to me. Looks like you had a good read on what you could pull off on that day, and executed nicely.