Strava - TR and Zwift merge with pics? How did this happen?

Here is what showed up in a buddies feed…

I asked him if he manually attached the TR Strava pic after the fact. He said no. He just ran them concurrently and this is what happened in Strava. He did say that the Zwift ride saved before TR, but beyond that he didn’t do anything.

I tried to do similar today. TR on the phone via BT, Zwift on PC via ANT+. I paused the TR workout 15 seconds before the end, stopped and saved Zwift, then finished up TR. Both auto sync, with Zwift less than a minute ahead. I did not get the same result. TR actually didn’t show at all in Strava (both showed in TP).

The ride does show up in the calendar (as a TR ride, not Zwift). The weird thing is though when I view the analysis, scroll to the bottom with “Ride Source” → “Ride Sync” and “View on Strava” it shows the Zwift ride. Again, TR did not show separately on Strava even after a re-sync.

Is any of this normal behavior? Honestly, I just like how it looks on Strava if you run both concurrently and show the course map (Zwift) and the workout you did (TR) as a second photo. I’d really like that to happen automatically in that scenario.

Side note, if I did do this manually… How do I get it to show just the normal TR Strava workout pic rather than screenshot the phone where it shows all the other metrics (which I’d rather not show).

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So I am trying to figuire this out. You like the power profile of trainer road, but the fake map of zwift. and you run the programs concurrently to do so? Its that simple?


I do the same thing, but I run 2 ANT+ dongles off my PC. When my rides save, normally they save in Strava as a TR ride. A couple of times they’ve saved as a zwift ride and a couple of times they’ve both saved to Strava. I can’t figure it out lol

I do it as well. I find that it helps me with the last minute of a vo2 and the last few min of intervals if I am thinking of catching riders and/or dropping drafters. Also long slow rides are better on zwift.


Why do you think that’s weird? :rofl:

  • Run Zwift on PC (or other platform of your choice).
  • Run TR on an old phone with no SIM. (Alternatively, not-old phone and turn off mobile data.)
  • Turn off WiFi on the phone.
  • Ride your workout.
  • If you ride longer than the scheduled workout time, extend cooldown on TR so TR gets the whole ride time.
  • Complete the ride in Zwift and let it upload to Strava.
  • Wait until the ride syncs to Strava.
  • End the workout on the TR phone and enable WiFi so it can sync.
  • If the two rides start at about the same time and are about the same length, and are synced fairly close to each other, Strava will usually replace the Zwift-uploaded images with the TR ride profile.

Bonus points: Wait until the Zwift ride syncs from Strava to TR to enable WiFi on the TR phone. You’ll get both rides in TR and can edit ride to remove one from TSS and PRs to avoid double counting. (I do this because I routinely rode a short workout extension on Zwift. Before TR added extend cooldown, I used Zwift data in Performance Analytics to have complete data, so still do.

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I always run both concurrently. Have never seen that.

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I run both concurrently. I get it occasionally. Haven’t figured out exactly when.

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So I tried again yesterday and it did work as shown. Paused the TR workout on my phone about 15 seconds before it ended and ended the ride on Zwift. I waited about a minute after it synced to Strava and then finished up the TR workout.

Differences from before: I removed any Zwift “action shots” from syncing with Strava before I saved. Apparently you cannot edit anything (title, etc) in Strava or it will replace the TR profile with a random Zwift shot.

Anyway, I think it’s pretty interesting.

So, am I understanding correctly, to get them to merge (which really shouldn’t be this hard) we need to simply make sure they are running concurrently (same start/finish time and duration) and have the Zwift ride upload first. Mine merged yesterday, I was presently surprised, but today, although I thought I did the same exact protocol, did not merge…