TR recognizing outside workouts

I’ve seen this mentioned before and I think I remember a TR team member saying it was a programming issue that couldn’t really be fixed because it’d be nearly impossible for them to recognize the watts/intervals your doing and correlate that to their workout catalog. So I have an idea for a solution…

Right now, if you do an outside workout, TR doesn’t give you ‘credit’ for doing it. It doesn’t show up dark green in your career and I don’t think it shows as you’ve adhered to your scheduled training plan. All it does is pushes the workout to your device. When you do the workout, then (at least for me) it grabs it from strava and shows the TSS and time/power metrics. I haven’t done an inside workout on TR since April, so it looks like I have 0% adherence to plan, despite doing outside workouts all summer.

My suggestion is that if you name the workout in strava or wahoo or garmin (or wherever TR is pulling the completed outside activity from) the name of the TR workout…TR recognizes that name and gives you credit for completing the workout.

For instance if I have Tallac +3 on my calendar, I schedule it outside, it pushes to my Wahoo, I go complete the workout. It auto-uploads to wahoo, which auto syncs to strava. I go into strava and name my ‘afternoon ride’ as ‘Tallac +3’. That syncs back to TR, it recognizes that I named the ride Tallac +3 (either in the title or description) and then shows that I completed Tallac +3 in the TR calendar as an outside workout.

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Are you sure it isn’t already working? If I look at weeks when I’ve done outside workouts, the Time and TSS contributed from the outside workouts are included in the TR element of the actual vs planned weekly summary stats in the calendar (I.e. they’re recorded differently in the TR calendar than just regular outdoor rides)

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There is some sort of recognition going on in the backend already. If I look at my workouts in the calendar, I very often see an association between the outside ride and the scheduled workout, even if the outside ride was longer. Two examples from last week, Gaby and Joe Devel +1 (despite outside workout being almost double in TSS). For both of these cases, I had the workout loaded on my Wahoo.

Here’s yesterday’s, where I didn’t use the workout on the Wahoo, but did somewhat loosely follow the workout, in that I had a bit over an hour of sweet spot, and the workout called for 4x15 SS, but there’s still an association:

If I go and do something completely different instead, it doesn’t show an association:

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You can also manually match an outside workout to a workout in the calendar. See instructions here.

The ride will show up as completed in the calendar, but TR still does’t ‘recognize’ the intervals.


Thanks, apparently I had never noticed that.

Those associated workouts don’t show as the darker green completed TR workout on the timeline though. At least for me they don’t. Small critique, I guess.