How do I sync wahoo ELEMNT workout to TR?

I had a TR workout on my calendar. When I turned on my wahoo, it knew about it. “Start workout?” Clicked yes and did the ride.

Afterward, I don’t see the workout on TR.

I opened the wahoo ELEMNT app and it’s currently set to sync to TP and strava but that’s all.

Strangely tho, TR doesn’t show up as one of the apps that I can authorize.

pretty sure it goes:

Wahoo to Strava to TrainerRoad


Can’t imagine TR requires Strava to use their service

Other than downloading/uploading manually, last I checked strava was required for automatic sync from Wahoo to TR. I agree that this is a major shortcoming of TR and/or Wahoo.


Well crud. I disconnected strava from TR bc I mix TR with Zwift and I’d rather have the Zwift data on strava (it has models to accurately estimate speed and distance). From what I saw, you can’t tell TR to not push to strava without also not pulling from strava

Going forward I guess I’ll have to re-link them and just manually delete my TR data to eliminate the duplicates

Actually when reauthorizing Strava , I did have the ability to uncheck “push TR rides to strava”

TR found my ride and imported it but it didn’t recognize it as the workout I had on my calendar. I did spend some time coasting. I had my kid with me and his ebike cuts power at 20 and there long stretches where I had to limit power to 100W and at times even coast to stay with him.

Edit: I figured out how to manually match the ride I did with the scheduled workout. Not sure if that’s the normal way to do this. Seems like my head unit knew about the workout so TR should know when I’m done.

Auto match works on Garmin-to-TR sync because the TR workout name is embedded in file synced to TR. However that doesn’t work when syncing thru Strava. I wrote up something about it last year, and Nate confirmed at that time TR required the workout name in the file sent to TR.

It actually worked for me last night. So the day before, I fixed the Strava-TR sync. I’m allowing Strava to TR but unchecked TR to Strava. Yesterday, went for a ride. My wahoo (again) found the scheduled workout and all I had to do was click a single button to load it. After the ride, I checked my TR calendar and it had auto-updated and matched the ride I did with the scheduled ride. Easy peasy.

Nice. Last year there was a simple embedded filename issue stopping auto-matching, and TR must have fixed that.

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