Help with Outdoor Workouts

Hey TR Forum,

I just picked up a power meter to get some training done outside. I am curious to know if I am doing this correctly.

For a given workout, I can select inside/outside. But when I click outside, there is no way to “load workout” like with the indoor workout. I only have instructions at the bottom.

I can add this workout to my calendar and then associate the workout in the notes after my ride from strava syncs.

Am I doing that correctly? I was expecting some type of visualization like with the indoor workout.

Also, I do not have a head unit like a garmin, I am using my iPhone mounted to my bike.

Outdoor workouts are meant to work with dedicated head units - selecting “outdoor” marks them up for transfer to either Garmin or Wahoo, if you are using a phone then leave the workout as “indoor” and ride as normally.

how they appear on a head unit depends on the unit itself, some are graphical, some just display text. There’s a few posts on the TR blog about outdoor workouts that are worth checking out plus there’s the support pages -

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ok that makes sense! I will try doing the indoor workout, outside and see how that goes.