Adaptive training recommending a ramp test mid-block

Like the title says, AT is recommending a ramp test mid-block.

3 weeks ago I got COVID right at the end of a successful Build 1 phase - like started getting symptoms Sunday night after doing fine in my weekend workouts. It was very mild, but my kids were sick too and I skipped all the workouts in my rest week.

I was ready to go by Tuesday coming back and nailed my VO2 work Tuesday/Thursday that week. But I struggled with a threshold/over-undery workout on Saturday that would have represented a pretty big jump in my levels. Then Sunday I did a real hard 4-hour outdoor ride.

Last week I should have taken an extra day off after Sunday’s ride, but I didn’t. I struggled with my mid-week VO2s but still got through them by turning down the later sets 3-5%. Saturday AT suggested a threshold 5.4 workout with some anaerobic intervals mixed in (Diamond +1), despite barely having achieved last week’s threshold 4.7. It went poorly - I was feeling pretty cooked after 2 hard weeks.

So I took Sunday off to do family stuff instead and now I feel ready to jump back in to my last week of the build phase. But for some reason AT is suggesting a ramp test tomorrow to replace my scheduled VO2 work (that is another step up from workouts I didn’t nail last week). This makes no sense to me. Would you all follow this recommendation? My gut says to replace the scheduled VO2 work with something just a bit milder that I feel like I can nail. I don’t see the value of testing tomorrow - and I was happy to be done with that!

I would do the ai detection, then you get the workout back. Adaptive training gave me a ramp test mid block, and ftp detection raised my ftp 6%, making me think it detected a significant enough of a change to prompt me to get it updated.

Yep, that worked.

I got a 4-watt FTP bump and another, harder VO2 workout, so “thanks” :poop: :skull_and_crossbones:.

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