Adaptive training suggests ramp test mid-plan

A really interesting thing happened just now - I opened TR too see adaptations pending. I was supposed to be doing a Threshold 5.3 workout today, the suggested adaptation is a Ramp Test:

The suggestions for next week also changed dramatically, it’s supposed to be a mid-plan recovery week, I’m on POL Build:

This is very interesting, I’ve not seen this happen before. As a background info, I’m coming back this year after a 2-year unstructured riding and life stress that saw my FTP drop from 330 to 260W, my most recent AI detection result was 284W. Ever since then, I’ve been doing really well on Threshold and Vo2max workouts, I’ve also recently done a 5 hour fun ride, not looking at power at all, and ended up with an IF of 0.87.

All good indicators I need to re-assess, I’m just quite stunned at how AI does exactly what a good coach would recommend as well.

In the same boat, with a ramp test suggested 1 week prior to my A race. This instead of endurance whorl, endurance Wo.

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Email because this might be a bug. We’ve seen similar comments earlier this week and I think they need to be fixed by TR.

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Had it happen a few weeks ago and then again today. Previous one I didn’t think was entirely in error, I had a few weeks of slacking (tooth issue/antibiotics) and then started a new block where it dropped a little. I went hard for 2 weeks and felt good so when it popping up seemed appropriate if they were testing some sort of new thing behind the scenes, got most of the loss back. But then today when I opened it up it wanted to change todays ride to a ramp test, accepted just out of curiosity and it was a whole .7% change when I ran ai ftp so didn’t seem like it should have suggested one.

Will reach out to support and let them know so they have a better count of how many people are seeing it.

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Yeah, maybe there’s a sort of testing somewehere coz i’m also recovering from covid and i’ve lost a bit of form, that’s how I see the suggestion for ramp test

It is, unfortunately. Sorry for the trouble, the development team is aware and working on the fix!


Happened to me too