Bizzare Behaviour in workout

Had a strange one this morning (have reported it to support) but doing Pettit, I noticed my heart, cadence and power were not changing (24 - 30 minutes) I thought it might reset in the next interval, it didn’t so I killed the ride, reset the app and resumed ride on startup … timer had moved on 12 minutes !!! All was then fine … until it wasn’t !! and it did it again as 46 minutes

Is this a new feature to make my Neo think it’s a Kicker ?

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That’s very strange, never seen anything like that posted!

Yeah I agree, not reading to much into it (but I might use Zwift this evening) I only shared as there was the time shift post the other day (Time running slowly in TR)

I’ve experienced similar situations while using trainerroad on my android phone. Sensor reading and ERG mode just get stuck, producing a horizontal line. Turning off bluetooth (which pauses the workout) and turning it on again/reconnecting to the bluetooth trainer and powermeter helps.

How do you set up your trainer?


Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out about your issue! I have received your support ticket, and will be taking care of you from that end. So, be expecting an email from TR Support shortly!

From a first look, this looks like it could possibly be an issue resulting from your device’s memory/ processing power. So, I just want to recommend that anyone using a device on, or close to, the edge of our Minimum System Requirements should do their best to close out any other apps running on their device during their workouts. That should help your machine run the app more efficiently.

As always, if anyone is experiencing issues with their TR setup, then please drop us a line at, and we would be happy to take care of you. :smile:

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OK But min reqirement is Android 5.0 and I have 8.0, and 10GB of main memory free, Kirin 658 isn’t a quick processor, but above your min specs

Sent in to support an issue like this last night as well. The trainer didn’t “drop” it just got stuck. (Sadly it was on a Ramp Test and I was feeling GOOOOOOOOOOD. LOL ) I stopped the ride. Loaded up a different ride and it was fine. First time I’ve had any issues with anything this winter. image


I’m not sure what you mean, it’s a Neo, all you have to do is pedal (preminany setup)

The question was which app platform and device you use, if you use ANT+ or bluetooth. But you answered it by now - Android phone with bluetooth connection on a Tacx Neo, right?

Looks like we are 3 similar cases now. :wink:

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I have this happen quite a bit. I have to stop pedaling completely, let the workout pause, then start pedaling again. This usually reconnects the ERG mode and I can continue the workout.

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Yes you are correct (sorry wasn’t being funny, just not sure what you meant) I usually use my Android Tablet which has Ant in it, but it seems pointless when you are just following a line so been using my phone recently (and watching races on the tablet)

Well, in my experience ANT is less error prone. While getting stuck in a normal workout isn’t that bad (as you see there are two easy solutions right now, let’s see what support comes up with) - for a FTP test where every second is important I’d switch back to an ANT connection.

Yes absolutly, ANT is aimed at shorter distances and has better error correction

Hey @WombleKiller, @unicyclist, @Socia_Distortion, and @1k2go,

Firstly, thank you all for bringing this issue to our attention via the Forum. Secondly, I’m sorry you’re faced with this issue as part of your training experience.

We certainly don’t want this to hinder your training experiences any further. We’re prioritizing this issue and actively investigating.

Please hang tight for us while we figure out this out. We’ll be sure to post any updates here as we can.

For any other riders experiencing this same issue, please reach out to the Support Team by emailing




You guys need to be more forthcoming in the fact this is an issue on your end.

You never mentioned this in our support email exchanges and I went out to purchase new equipment- all to see you admit in another thread that it’s a tr issue

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I to ain’t very happy with TR supports handling, but I’m e-mailing them directly

@berto2cj Looking at your other thread you seem to have issues both with ANT+ and bluetooth. Here it’s only about bluetooth issues up to now.
My trainer setup has several stable variants. I use an Elite Direto, mostly via Laptop and ANT+ dongle. But I also use it with my Garmin Edge 820 in ANT-FEC mode, my ANT dongle attached to my Nexus 5X (rarely i use my Pixel 2) phone, or my phones in bluetooth mode. Sometimes I also use an older iPad.

The only problem I experience is with the Android Trainerroad app via Bluetooth. My guess is that it’s about the difficulty of Android apps and all the different chipsets around. I’m happy there is an Android app out there and I appreciate the fact that the TR team takes the challenge to fix it.
Please name me another company that responds so actively to complaints in user forums! And please tell me how you expect them to fix this without telling you to wait a bit? If it was easy there would be a fix out there.

So thanks @BrennenAlonso and @Tucker for taking a look into this - if you need further input or testing I’m happy to help!

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Hi All!

I posted this earlier, in another thread, but I wanted to make sure that everyone who needs this information sees it!