New Features in the 2018.50.0 Release!

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a heads up on a couple new things in the desktop and mobile side of things. These are the main features, and there were a couple fixes too:

We fixed an issue with connecting PowerTap P2 pedals, and we also fixed a problem with VirtualPower showing up properly. Thanks for all your valuable feedback, and we appreciate your patience as we get more fixes and new features out.

On to the new stuff!

Load Workout

On mobile, we’ve added the ability to “Load Workout” directly from the “Today’s Workout” view in the calendar. This means you’re only one click away from riding as soon as you open TrainerRoad. It will also give you the option to load any of the TrainerRoad workouts you have planned for that day, if you do have multiple planned.

Extend Warm-Up and Cool down

On desktop, we’ve relocated the Extending Warm-Up and Cool down feature to live within the toolbar at the bottom of the minimal mode window. This should remedy the problem with it getting in the way of your various forms on entertainment.


Fantastic! Two clicks to get into a workout always bugged me a little bit.


Hey @Pete Was this only with the P2 and not with the P1? I have the P1 (dual sided) and had tried doing powermatch with my KICKR17 but really didn’t like the result…maybe there was something else at play that you just fixed?

Hey @Pete does keyboard shortcut work for the extend warm up or cool down feature as a result of this?

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Not yet, this was worked before we got to discuss the keyboard shortcuts. They are coming though!

This was a problem we were having with the new P2s and connecting as a device, so not much help for you. What was going on with Powermatch that you weren’t a fan of?

@Pete - It just really seemed to overshoot…then undershoot…then overshoot the power target. Resulted in the workout being way harder than just pairing to the KICKR as I normally do. I tried it based on a suggestion I got in a forum post I made here. I’m back to just relying on the KICKR which is fine but wondered if I was doing something wrong…or if whatever was fixed with the P2 would have impacted this. Don’t the P1 and P2 use the same firmware?

As someone who runs TR minimized and Zwift in widescreen above, kudos on moving the extend warmup/cooldown!


Looks like the Forum button was removed on Mac. FWIW - I liked having that there.

@Pete Any consideration to extending rest intervals, or for that matter, any interval?

btw: Your sprint interview is fantastic! Been practicing the “circle of power” ever since. Thanks!

Great improvement, thanks. Now we just need zero clicks! The logic could be, if a ride is scheduled and TR pairs with my power device load the workout.


Guys what’s happening?

It seems to be one issue after another with the iOS app.

I updated to 50 today before my workout and I’ve had non stop issues with losing the power reading.

I get the distinct feeling that your not eradicating all the bugs before you release updates.


So here’s what happened this time…

Three times in a row I began Antelope and as I do with all my rides I paused the session after about 10mins to calibrate the app. The calibration went fine but after returning to the session the power reading showed 0 even though the trainer was still showing as connected via Bluetooth. Three times I stopped the interval and restarted the app and tried calibrating and three times it failed. What a complete waste of a Saturday session. I just gave up in the end. Very disappointing!

Hi guys, I just completed Kaweah, Tacx Neo, Erg mode ANT+. I’m running Windows 10. Reviewing my workout, I had 10 times loss of power during my intervals in Erg mode. I ran Zwift in // of my TR session. I checked zwiftalizer after my session, no ANT+ dropout, strong signal.

Please help and check. Thanks a lot.

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@GeorgeAnderson I’m sorry to hear things aren’t working for you, please write into and we’ll have someone work on getting everything sorted out.

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@manouchao Hmm, we’ll have to take a look into the dropouts. Would you write into and we’ll have someone investigate.

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Nice addition, but the minimal mode window is still too tall. If the film has any sub-titles, the sub-titles are covered up. Would be nice to have a “true” minimal window that only shows:

  • Current Power
  • Target Power
  • Time left in interval
  • Workout time remaining - not the current elapsed workout time
  • Heart Rate
  • Cadence
  • And then the control line.

You could call it “entertainment” mode or something :grinning:


Lacking a new feature, you could try to un-maximize the movie window and then scale it a bit smaller so there is no overlap.


Unfortunately, none of my entertainment sources are very friendly with sub-full screen view:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • NBC Sport Gold - cycling
  • FloBikes
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I always watch Netflix with subtitles (due to noise of trainer) on my laptop. If put TR in minimal mode…then drag TR bar to top left corner I find it perfect with v little of screen covered (I just leave it so can see power and cadence) and subtitles can easily be seen