TR plans for gravel race?

What would be the best TR plan combo for gravel grinder ranging from Rasputitsa 45miles to around 115k and racing them not just fun ride?
Base, build and speciality?

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As usual, depends a bit on how you want to ride or race, as well as the profile. Overall, consider it the same basic approach as a road bike equivalent, unless you know of specific variation for your event or profile. As such

  • Medium to Long Length with a “race” focus

    • Base: Sweet Spot Base I & II
    • Build: General Build
    • Specialty: Rolling Road Race or Climbing Road Race (depending on profile)
  • Medium to Long Length with a “casual” focus

    • Base: Sweet Spot Base I & II
    • Build: Sustained Power Build
    • Specialty: Century

Can likely mix and match between those two, depending on your preferences.


@Jpleclerc good you mentioned Rasputitsa specifically, because as @mcneese.chad says, route profile is critical to your plan choice.

I did Rasputitsa last year, and will again this year. It’s got a ton of punchy climbing. Think I actually did General build and MTB Marathon last year. This year I’ll probably do Rolling Road Race.

By my calculations, Base I begins next week to get a full base, build, specialty done in time (I factor in 1 extra week for flexibility)!

Of course, none of the plans address hike-a-bike through snow! :joy:


@dbf @Jpleclerc
I did Rasputitsa last year as well. I believe I did SS 1+2, Sustained Power Build, and then Rolling RR. Rasputitsa fell in the middle of the specialty phase, so I did a mini taper leading into it.
I think this year I will do a General Build, and the same specialty phase.

But he’s right- not sure how to best prepare for Siberia.
Here are some usefull blog posts about clothing and equipment:


I agree with McNeese…

  • Base: Sweet Spot Base I and II, always good
  • Build: General to sustained, though I am partial for sustained given the gravel race scene.

As for the specialty phase. Century is great if you are starting out and need to get comfortable on your bike for long distances. However, I feel that Rolling Road Race or Climbing Road Race would, and have for me, had the best impacts on my performance. That being said, I do add on LSD workouts on my own.

Good luck and enjoy!

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