Plan suggestions for Land Run 100?

So what plan would you start today for a March 19th 2019 race? I was thinking just build and specialty as I completed base/build pre-summer. But I am open to better ideas. Thanks for any input.

Given the distance / energy types used in a race like that, and the time frame of 4 months, I would definitely go back to base here. Something like 2 months of base and 2 months of build makes sense to me, because I don’t imagine the specific race pace will be much higher than sweet spot, right?

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Honestly I’m looking to complete more than compete.

Oh yeah in that case I’d definitely (over) emphasize base. Regarding build vs specialty, I just looked at the specific plans, and the sustained power build / and century specific plans are actually really similar, so whether you go to build or specific is probably just a semantic difference.

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Thanks so much for the input. I really appreciate it.

Practice carrying your bike! :rofl::rofl:

Seriously, I’ve never trained for a gravel century using TR but I have trained for and completed a couple dozen mid-west gravel centuries & double centuries. One thing I will say about LR: practice hill climbs. LR100 has FUH intensity of >70 so it’s rollers, rollers, rollers all day long. Hill repeats should be a cornerstone of your training program. Not big ole 30 minute climbs: hill repeats. Learn how to be efficient on the way uphill AND on the way down.

Another cornerstone of you program should be once weekly long rides. Zone 2 mile pile because that’s what race day is going to be if you’re just riding to finish. If you can, throw some hill repeats in the middle of your long ride. But get used to the nutrition & hydration you’ll need on a 100+ mile ride. Get used to the aches and pains you’ll experience at the 90 mile mark. This is how you’ll find out you need a different saddle…or a more upright posture…or a smaller front chainring. Don’t wait until race day to figure that stuff out.

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