Which training plan to use?

I’m new to TR and have just set up my bike etc and have been reading up on the training options. I’ll be doing my first ramp test this weekend and then want to get onto a plan. I race mtb during the winter (3hr vets) next race dec with 2 more in Jan and feb. Also doing Dirty Reiver in mtb in April, 120m gravel on mtb with 11,000ft of climbing. Did first season of road racing this year and was mid field in cat 4, all 45min closed circuit crits and want to improve on this. Do I just start with a base phase sweet spot low vol 1?

Most will recommend sweet spot base 1 and 2, followed probably by general build… Only reason I picked up on your post was that I have experience of going through a plan and then doing the Dirty Reiver last year, just before crit season started. The two were pretty incompatible, and DR200 took a lot out of me so my only advice would be to plan in at least 3 or 4 weeks of recovery and rebuild before you go into crits after DR200!


Agreed. SSB 1 & 2, then General Build, and any Specialty if you get that far.