New to TR, 15weeks to first gravel race

34, 66kg, around 4.1FTP

I had a big build up to the end of 2018. 5 months working with a coach doing structured workouts, few Zwift races, crits and group rides, managed through TrainingPeaks. Averaged about 600TSS a week. Then had all of Jan riding on holidays in Colombia in the mountains.

So after 2weeks completely off the bike (damaged in transit) I’m now converting to just use TR and have more of a focus on gravel races. My first one is a relatively flat 75km race in 15weeks time, followed by a 100km 5 weeks later and 160km a month after that.

Given I’m coming into using TR in quite good form, should I go straight into SSB2 + build, as I can’t fit SSB1, SSB2 + build? Thanks!

Do you have an “A” race in 2019? Ideally you’d build your calendar backwards from your “A” race.

Seems like the best of a bad situation. The first week should be doable from beginning to end. If you find it hard to finish workouts, reconsider this.

Thanks, hadn’t thought about A vs B races.

I will make my 100km race at the end of June the A target - that gives me 19 weeks. I’ll use the 75km one in May as a practice.

That’s exactly what I would do. SSB2 - maybe start with mid volume and see how you cope for the first few weeks then up the volume if you find you’re managing. Then build. That’s 14 weeks, so you could even have the first 4 weeks of specialty - maybe Century plan for sustained gravel efforts. With one week leeway before your A race, you’re set.