66 weeks to train for a hilly Ironman

If you had 66 weeks to train for a hilly iron distance race (Wales), and wanted to use TR, what sequence of plans would you follow? I am not particularly weak or strong in any one area. I don’t have a long history of structured training but have been using TR for a number of years and am happy with how I react to the training stimulus.

Assuming you want to do the 28 week program below:

Iron build
Iron specialty

What would you do in the 38 weeks between now and then?

SSB1 and SSB2 again and again? Something else?


For most people, that is too much time to “train seriously” and continuously. Common recommendation is to look for other events to train for during the “pre-training” area. And be sure to give yourself some weeks between that pre-training time and your official start. This serves as a reset to let you rest a bit and be ready to hit the final training hard.

Burnout (from too much time on focused training) is real and quite possible depending on you and your prior training history.

I advise against mindless repetition of any program. You will will likely respond better and keep a happier mind by following a Base, Build, Specialty progression on the front side of your full 28 weeks.

If you want to skip Specialty, the common recommendation is to do Base and Build repeated. And you can choose a different Build each time for variety and stress on alternate energy systems.


i would try to do

Base -> Build -> insert race here :stuck_out_tongue:
Base -> Build -> speciality -> A Race


For me that is pretty much two seasons. I would probably find a race to train and peak for around December 2019. Then take a 2 - 4 week recovery period of heavily reduced training. Then a 4 week period of general training and rebuilding. Then start the full base to peak cycle again. Note that these are rough timelines, but something to that affect.

Doubt training continuously for 66 weeks is going to be a good solution for anyone who is not full time or pro.

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