Push to Garmin gone?

I’ve had a bit of time away and looking to get back into outdoor workouts but I notice when I select outdoor on the workout the push to Garmin button no longer appears. I know if I schedule it as outdoor it’ll push a couple of days in advance but is there anyway of still doing if I decide to train outside on the day? I really don’t want to have to build the workouts in the garmin itself if possible

This is what I did yesterday to change to an outside ride. I changed the workout in the TR app (Android), saved it, then opened Garmin connect and pushed it to the device. Job done

Thanks Steve but the bit that isn’t working is once I save in TR there isn’t anything coming across to Garmin. Handy to know that it isn’t the same for everyone though, I’ll get a ticket opened.

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It can take quite a while for the workout to appear in Garmin (hours). I’ve had luck moving the workout to the next day and that sometimes will trigger things to sync and send it to a Garmin Connect

are you able to see the following if you open the workout page (as opposed to just pulling up the calendar entry)?

This prompted me to check the connection with garmin. Re-authorising didn’t do anything but a firm disconnect and reconnect within TR did. Problem solved :slight_smile: