Is there a way I can use outdoor workouts

Hi All,

I’m using a garmin 935 watch and/or ridewithgps on my phone when riding outside.

Mostly I do my TR sessions indoors and then ride for fun at the weekends, so have not used outdoor workouts.

Today I have just got into the AT Beta and can see that it doesn’t work with unstructured outdoor rides.

This week is a recovery week for me and the sun is shinning, so instead of doing the prescribed TR sessions inside (Pettit ,Beech etc) I have gone out for a flat 40km (25m) very easy ride.

Is there a way I can link these rides to outdoor workouts with my set up?

I’ve pushed today’s TR session to garmin and can see Bald Knob-2 in garmin connect, but can’t find it on my 935 watch anywhere and am not sure if there is a way to push outdoor workouts to a 935?

If not, other than buying a head unit, is there another way I can connect to the TR workout?

Can I do an outdoor workout via the TR app maybe?

I have recently bought some assioma pedals, so can now measure power inside or out and with better weather, I am thinking it might be nice to get out of the pain cave.

Any advice much appreciated.


You should be able to do an outdoor workout with the TR app - just open the workout on your phone, tap the little pencil (bottom left) and change it to outdoor. You can obviously pair your HRM, power meter etc to the phone. I don’t know if the AT beta makes this any different, but I don’t think it would.

your garmin 935 supports outside workouts already!

Thank you very much for the tip, I’m just heading out the door, so will give it a try. :grinning: