Purging TR workouts from Garmin Connect

So, I love that TR pushes outdoor workouts to Garmin Connect and that they sync to my head unit.

But I know have a hundred or so TR workouts in Garmin Connect, which makes it hard to the handful of workouts I’ve created for run and swim…

I call this a bug for 2 reasons, first, in the unlikely event that I dropped TR, I’d still have all those workouts (set to whatever FTP I was at the time) and TR does seem to be trying to have some IP protection. Second, I’m not sure what happens when mutiplie workouts with the same name and different FTP’s are pushed?

Anyways, I feel TR should work with Garmin to have “expiring workouts.” I’m going to ask Garmin for a better “bulk delete” feature.

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Pretty sure you can plug your Garmin Edge into a computer, navigate to the workout folder, and delete all the files you want to get rid of.

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That’s exactly what I do. Every so often I plug in the Garmin and delete past workouts (and rides). Seems to keep everything running smooth and clean.

OP issue is them being on Connect, not the head unit

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I was on a boring conf. call, and deleted them one by one. Yep, what you’re saying works for head unit.

bringing this one back from history. Two questions:
First, is it true that workouts pushed from TR to Garmin Connect then head unit are specific to the FTP at the time the workout is scheduled? I’m thinking that means there’s really no way to know if a workout on CG/head unit is “correct” for my current FTP.

Second, anyone figure out a better way to get them out of GC than individual workout deletion?


Workouts will be pushed to Garmin 2 days in advance, so the targets will be built off of the FTP at the time the workout was sent to the head unit. If your FTP changes in that in-between zone, re-send that workout!

I don’t see a way on GarminConnect to batch delete. :frowning:

Thanks, @IvyAudrain. Some of us may change workouts to outdoors and push as we’re getting dressed so not much risk for me of FTP changing in that window :wink: It’s more about knowing if I don’t schedule something new that the workouts on my Garmin may have incorrect FTPs based on when they were pushed.

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Ah yeah, as long as the targets in that workout are relevant to your most current FTP at the time of sending to your Garmin, you’re set!

I don’t think there is, IIRC it’s possible to script something using your browser and some people have done, but nothing built into Garmin :frowning_face:

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Before attempting to script something, probably best to call Garmin and ask if they can do it.

Garmin Connect — Bulk Delete Workouts from your Training Library

Be very careful when you do this as it will also delete the workouts from your calendar. It will delete all training library workouts. (THIS WILL NOT DELETE COMPLETED ACTIVITIES)

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