TR for racing in zwift once weekly

What TR plan/strategy would you apply if your goal is just to perform well all year round in a weekly zwift TTT race, including regular gym sessions? No other long term goals.

I’m interested in this topic too. Zwift TTTs are basically over/under sessions so any plans with a nice mix of them and some z2 ‘recovery’ rides should work.

Interested to hear others thoughts on it too.

A few years ago I tried stacking Zwift TTT and a low volume plan and completely destroyed myself after 4 or 5 weeks. I buried myself in every TTT and usually needed 2 or 3 days to feel recovered. At the least I probably should’ve replaced one of the the intense TR rides with the TTT instead of stacking, but even then I think I was just going too hard to consider the TTT good training.


I’m going to assume the TTs are full gas, breathing through every orifice affairs.

I’d do the TT, have a day off, ride Z1, have another day off, do a workout, ride Z2, and then have another day off.

Vary the workout in each block based on developing strengths and bringing up limiters. And take easy weeks! And an off-season!!

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Pick a volume based on how much you want to train. I’m assuming the TTT’s are pretty short (less than 1 hr), so that’s probably mid/high vo2max pulling on the front and then recovery at low threshold. Unless it’s hilly, then it’s probably just a bunch of threshold. Even if it’s a mix, I’d probably just do a general build plan and replace one of the TR workouts with the TTT event each week. Mix up the workout you replace each week (ie - don’t always ditch the v02max work or the threshold work, but alternate). If you want to get stronger over time, you really need to build up to a target date to peak and then back off for a bit and start again. You can race every week if you want to while going through these cycles, just understand that trying to be fast/strong every week will be limiting your progression (which is perfectly fine if you are having fun and not wanting to maximize your performance).

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At 54 I think I’d race one day and z2 the rest of the week. Maybe throw in another threshold or sweet spot if I’m feeling super good. But 1-2 days of intensity, for me, is about right. I’d use train now. You could go to three days of intensity if you are youngish.