Help with modifying a plan for weekly TTT Races

Hi, I’m having difficulty figuring out the best way to modify my plan for weekly Zwift TTT races. I’m starting LV Sweetspot Base II, which adds 3 rides per week - one VO2 max, 1 sweetspot, and 1 threshold. I also ride 2 days per week with my local club - endurance rides lasting between 1-3 hours on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Since the TTT races are basically threshold workouts, would it be better to swap the threshold workout in the plan with the race or try to keep all the workouts and just add the race?

Also, is there any way to insert a recovery week into the middle of the 6-week plan?


I would swap out the threshold w/o for the TTT. In reality the TTT will end up being essentially an over-under threshold workout, which despite not progressing week on week in terms of TR Progression Levels (PLs) or otherwise, are of varied length etc so will help push TiZ I would expect.

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Thank you. That’s how I was thinking about it.